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Welcome to advertising with the East End Beacon, the only website exclusively devoted to the issues facing the entire East End of Long Island.

Since our launch on June 1 of 2013, The Beacon’s growth, almost exclusively by word of mouth, has been steadily increasing every month. Our pages have been visited more than 324,000 times by more than 150,000 people, with more than 7,800 visitors currently generating more than 14,400 page views each month. We have more than 2,200 Facebook followers and a growing fan base that turns to us for in-depth, contextualized stories about the communities they know and love.

An investment in advertising in the East End Beacon is a sound one. We have some of the best rates around, and right now, as we prepare to launch our first print edition in April, is the perfect time to start advertising with us.

The Beacon in print will a monthly publication, in order to focus the efforts of our growing staff of reporters on big-picture stories, giving readers the context and depth that is often lacking in the 24-hour news cycle. Our online news coverage will continue to be fresh and fully up-to-date.

We will be offering a free online ad with every print display ad purchased in the April and May issues. You can find more details on our Rate Sheet.

The Beacon’s online edition currently offers the following ads:

Header Leaderboard — a 900 x 60 pixel banner above the header of our website. Available for $350 per month or $100 per week. Rotates with a maximum of two other ads. Run of site.

Top Sidebar Ad — 300 x 250 pixel ad at the top of our sidebar. Available for $300 per month or $80 per week. Rotates with a maximum of two other ads.

Sidebar Ad — 300 x 250 pixel ad in the second through fourth position on our sidebar. Available for $250 per month or $75 per week. Rotates with a maximum of two other ads. Run of site.

Half-Sidebar Ad — 300 x 125 pixel ad in our right sidebar. Available for $125 per month or $40 per week. Rotates with a maximum of two other ads. Run of site.

Footer Leaderboard — A 728 x 90 pixel ad in the footer of the website. Run of site. Rotates with a maximum of two other ads. $200 per month or $60 per week.

In-Story Placement — The Beacon offers two forms of in-story ad placement, our most affordable advertising option. Ads appear within individual stories at a cost of $20 for four insertions. These ads do not rotate. Ads available are a 250 x 250 pixel square on the left top side of the story, appearing about three paragraphs down from the start of the story, and a 468 x 60 pixel footer at the bottom of the story. Political ads are not eligible for in-story placement.

The square box within in-story placement is also an ideal choice for advertisers looking to reach mobile viewers, as the ads appear in a large format in the center of stories on cell phone and tablet screens.

Direct Mail Sponsorship

Become a sponsor of our Week in Review, delivered every Sunday morning to inboxes throughout the East End to our most devoted readers. Sponsorship of the Week in Review is available for $300 per month or $80 per week.

Discounts Available

Advertisers who sign a contract to run three sidebar or leaderboard ads over the course of the next 12 months receive a 5 percent discount on each ad. That discount increases to 10 percent for advertisers who commit to six ads over the next 12 months and 20 percent for advertisers who agree to monthly insertions.

Non-profits receive an additional 10 percent discount.

Payment is due prior to ad placement, via credit card, check or Paypal.

Please submit art for advertising at 72 dpi in JPEG format at the pixel dimensions listed above, with a maximum file size of 75k, to [email protected] Please call Beth at 516.983.2939 if you have any questions.

Ad design available upon request.

This rate sheet is valid through Dec. 31, 2016.

Details on print subscriptions and on how to support The Beacon without taking an ad (Gosh that’s great of you! Thanks for asking!) are online here.

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  1. Vicky Germaise April 1, 2017 Reply

    Hi Beth, I just read the inaugural edition of East End Beacon’s print monthly!!!! I am SO EXCITED!!!! What’s better than an empty house, a cuppa tea, a warm puppy and a great newspaper!!!!! I salute your resolve and your bravery. YOUR PAPER WILL BE A HUGE SUCCESS!!!!
    YIPPEEEE for REAL NEWSPAPERS!!! ON PAPER!!! And I can see the East End Beacon WITHOUT MY GLASSES!!!! How very smart of you.

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