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Dave Davis

Dave’s Desk@Ditch: Our Relationship with Personal Patterns

How often have you found yourself putting effort and energy into a relationship, only to have it fall short of what you had hoped it would be? For some, the answer might be ‘more

Dave Davis

Dave’s Desk @ Ditch: There’s No Time Like The Present

I can’t speak for everyone who’s been attempting to follow a more “Eastern-centered” path of living in the present, but for me, this time of year has some unique challenges that run contrary to

Leah Oppenheimer | CMEE photo

Season of the Sol: Bearing Witness to Leah Oppenheimer’s Magic at CMEE

Bearing Witness to Leah Oppenheimer’s Magic at CMEE by Dave Davis Though it’s not always convenient to the general public for such an incredibly cool place for kids to be closed one day a week for

This year's Rell Sunn poster, designed by Alison Seiffer of mtkposter.com.

Here Comes The Sunn… The Rell Sunn That Is…

by Dave Davis Editor’s Note: The Rell Sunn Memorial Surf Benefit has been moved from Aug. 12 to Aug. 13 due to rain expected on Aug. 12. It’s not all that difficult to imagine there may

Dave’s Desk @ Ditch: Capturing Those Transformative Moments

Have you ever had one of those unexpected moments of personal discovery while communicating with someone else that was unlike any other, where, due to the conditions or circumstances, time literally stood still, and

Dave’s Desk @ Ditch: Finding a Career Path Rooted in Values

There’s a radio program that airs each week, mostly on NPR stations, titled “On-Being” where the host, Krista Tippett, shares with her listeners, a free-flowing conversation covering a particular topic, with a guest who

The Montauk Community Garden crew at work.

Season of the Sol: The Lifesaving Montauk Community Garden

The Lifesaving Montauk Community Garden I was tempted to introduce this first installment of Season of the Sol by unearthing some seldom-used metaphors that haven’t seen the light of day in years; buried somewhere beneath

Introducing: Dave’s Desk@Ditch

For decades, Ditch Plain – a crescent-shaped surfer’s paradise located just east of Montauk village, has not only served as my ultimate spot for maximum Zen, but has evolved into a place that truly