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Between the Lines: I Have A Crush on Harry Potter’s Creator

It’s true. I idolize Scottish author J.K. Rowling, who conjured up not just the bespectacled and thatch-haired Harry Potter, but with him an entire magical universe peopled with so many other incredible characters, including

An assortment of tulips brightens this garden in late spring.

Gardenwise: Fall For Bulbs

Gardenwise: Fall For Bulbs by Susan Tito Spring is coming. Lest you think I’ve just awoken from bear-like hibernation into a state of confusion, I assure you that I’m well aware of the time of year. Dwindling

RR and BEP criminal conviction2

Breaking Barriers to Post-Conviction Employment

The Butterfly Effect Project and Riverside Rediscovered are hosting a workshop in Riverside this Thursday, Oct. 12 from 6 to 8 p.m. on helping people with criminal convictions work to clean up their records

Kids in the W-Kids Program harvesting squash at Amber Waves Farm in Amagansett.

The Wellness Zone: Radically Transforming a Community

The Wellness Zone: Radically Transforming a Community by JoAnn McLean Several years ago, I heard about a miracle way of eating where everyone lost weight, arthritis was alleviated, cholesterol cut, diabetes disappeared and blood pressure plummeted. 

Under the Harvest Moon

My Corner Office: The Many Faces of the Peconic Bay

My Corner Office: The Many Faces of the Peconic Bay by David Berson It is my corner office, my room with a view, where I earn my living continually reestablishing my connection with that older part

Chicken Cobbler for the Harvest Moon

A Harvest Moon Dinner

A Harvest Moon Dinner By Alison Boyd and William Sertl The Idea Only yesterday you caught yourself thinking: “Once the kids are back in school I want to have some fancy dinners again. Lay out a big

"Joseph Duo was a Liberian militia commander, immortalized by Hondros after firing a rocket-propelled grenade at rebel forces at a key strategic bridge on July 20, 2003, in Monrovia, Liberia."

Life on the Ground —  Bearing Witness

Life on the Ground: Bearing Witness The Hidden Gems of the Hamptons International Film Festival by Kara Westerman The Hamptons International Film Festival has been bringing extraordinary films to the East End for years, 25 to be

With a hori-hori knife, division of this spiderwort is a snap.

Divide (And Conquer) Weak Plants

By Susan Tito The proverb “The cobbler’s children have no shoes” could have been written to describe my life. You see, I’ve come to the realization that I help others beautify their gardens, yet I

Between the Lines: My ‘Kelly 2020’ Signs Should Be Green, Right?

  Ok, Ok, can everybody settle down now, please? Can you hear me in the back? What? I said, CAN YOU HEAR ME IN THE BACK? I SAID… Oh, very funny. Grow up, will ya? First, I like to

Dell Cullum

Dell Cullum’s Wild Island

Dell Cullum’s Wild Island By Kara Westerman Who can you call at 2 a.m. if you need a raccoon driven across the Shinnecock Canal? Is your family of foxes mangy? Is a hedgehog eating you out

East Hampton Town Hall

A Primary for East Hampton Democrats

Democratic voters in East Hampton Town will head to the polls Sept. 12 for a primary for the party’s backing in this fall’s town board race. The town Democratic Party has officially nominated incumbent Councilwoman

School Vote

Editorial: Sending Our Education System Back To School

That slight tell-tale, just a whisk of coolness in the breeze, tells us we stand on the brink of the end of another summer on the East End. The barbecue section at Target in

Dan Rizzie

Art/History/Amagansett Returns for Third Year

For the third year, the Amagansett Free Library will present a series of free conversations on Saturdays and Sundays over three weekends in September focusing on the art, artists, and cultural institutions that are

From left: Jennifer Luke, her friend Jane Rocco and little sister Violetta Luke play Scrabble over their summer vacation. | Jennifer Luke photo

Combating Summer Learning Loss

by Jennifer Luke Is summer vacation really a good thing when it comes to learning? Studies have shown that, over a big break such as summer vacation, kids can lose up to 2.6 months worth

harvest vegetables

The Poem: Harvest by Thomas Mitchell

  The night sky opens its starry picture book: an archer, a bear, a winged horse. And a thousand miles east, in North Platte, I know you see them too. The house is empty, only the coffee