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Gardenwise: Oh Deer!

By Susan Tito Attracting wildlife to your property is embracing the gardenwise lifestyle. Many birds, frogs, small mammals and insects occupy important niches in the local ecosystem, and their daily activities give you a front-row

Alstom Haliade

Letter: East Hampton GOP Schizophrenia?

To the Editor: Reg Cornelia’s recent outbursts lay bare the schizophrenia afflicting the East Hampton GOP.  Most recently, on behalf of the EH GOP, he viciously and misleadingly denounced the Deepwater wind farm proposed for

Monkfish Cioppino | Jim Slezak photo

Eat Local: Sustainable East End Fish

by Linda Slezak We all know how important sustainable agriculture is. It protects our farmlands from soil depletion of nutrients and reduces the need for chemical additives and pesticides. The bounty of prime agricultural land

The Dark Side of Beauty in David Kozatch’s “Off the East End”

by Kara Westerman In 2008, a strange photograph appeared in the local papers. A frightening creature had washed ashore in Montauk that looked like it came from the shadows of our collective psyche — slimy

Between the Lines: Hello, Seriously? Is This Really Donald Trump?

By Tim Kelly Wait… I might get through! Honey, can you believe it? I might actually get to talk with the President! I told you, after all the crap he’s taken about freezing out the

In Southold, an Opera House Grows

by William Sertl The North Fork has almost 40 wineries, many more farmstands, and one opera house. Enter Anne-Julia Audray, who bought the 19th Century Methodist church in Southold two years ago and made the old

The Homestead: Be a Yimby!

By Michael Daly Your daughter can’t afford to live here on her new teachers’ salary. You new friend can’t attend your birthday celebration because she lives 45 miles away and doesn’t “come east” on the weekends. Your

A rainy weekend on the North Fork

Letter: Packed to the Gunwales, The North Fork, Overwhelmed

May 28, 2017 To the Editor, I have been on the North Fork both summer & winter since I was a child. I have never seen the NF so crowded as during the last two days. Endless

The Man in Ceiling: Jules Feiffer in the Present Tense

by Kara Westerman Jules Feiffer’s work has always had the quality of immediacy, and at 88, he is still insisting his books should “look like the ink hasn’t dried.” In his new theatrical adaptation of his

Ecological Culture Initiative to Launch Organic Gardening Classes

The Ecological Culture Initiative is launching an in-depth class series this week featuring all the basic skills and knowledge needed to develop a bio-intensive vegetable garden from the ground up. Topics will include permaculture design

“Alarms & Excursions” to Open in Quogue

Hampton Theatre Company in Quogue will be presenting “Alarms and Excursions,” Michael Frayn’s deliriously funny collection of comedies of embarrassment, May 25 through June 11. This play offers hilarious commentary on the fiendish new technology

“Cabaret” To Open at North Fork Community Theatre

The North Fork Community Theatre will present the hit musical “Cabaret,” which takes us back to Berlin in 1930 as two couples attempt to find happiness while the looming threat of the Third Reich

This Morning’s Bulletin — 5.15.17

Good Morning! • There’s a 20 percent chance of showers before noon today, and otherwise it will be mostly cloudy and windy, with a high near 64. Tonight will be mostly clear, with a low around

One Garden ‘Weed’ We Need

One Garden ‘Weed’ We Need by Susan Tito It was Shakespeare’s Juliet who famously uttered “what’s in a name?” — and so it goes for Asclepias tuberosa — perhaps one of the most overlooked and underused

Four Stationary Walls: The New Nomads of the East End

Four Stationary Walls: The New Nomads of the East End by Kara Westerman his is a story about falling through the cracks. My first real job in 1994 paid $25 an hour, and aside from two weekly