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Opinion: The Future is Now

As we wend our way through the gadgetry of the holiday season, we have a first-hand look at the most exciting things the future promises us — houses that obey our commands, cameras that

Some of Southampton Town's historic resources

Southampton Landmarks Maintenance Awards Applications Due Dec. 29

Owners who are having trouble maintaining their historic properties in Southampton Town are being urged by the town to apply for a 2018 Landmarks Maintenance Program Award.   This will be the fifth year of

Between the Lines: The Court for the Far, Far North District

Friday Morning Dept. Heads Meeting, North Pole Conference Room — ‘Morning, Bingo. How’s your weekend? Weekend? What weekend? Nobody gets a weekend this time of year. You know that. I do. I meant it in jest. I

Michael Daly

The Homestead: The New Fashioned Way

by Michael Daly The Old Fashioned Way… Grandma’s apple pie…Ma’s beach plum jelly…Dad comin’ home with fresh-caught striped bass…children Trick-or-Treating on Halloween…all among the many things we enjoyed in years gone by. Tweeting…snapping…downloading…Facetiming…GPS…online dating…terrorism…all among the things

Dave’s Desk @ Ditch: The Serendipitous Nature of Self-Discovery

In this day and age of technology, where most of our thoughts and correspondence tend to be conveyed in minimal, abbreviated text, or using a limited amount of characters on a portable, hand-held device,

HT2_2017 cover_HR

Passion for Docs Keeps Growing in Hamptons Take 2 Film Fest’s 10th Year

Passion for Docs Keeps Growing in Hamptons Take 2 Film Fest’s 10th Year by Kara Westerman The “golden age of documentaries” is certainly here, and the Hamptons Take 2 Documentary Film Festival, in its 10th anniversary

Although there’s lot to do in the garden in November, refrain from cutting back ornamental plants with beautiful seed heads, such as the fountain grass and black-eyed Susan (shown in the foreground) pictured here.

Gardenwise: Remember November As Cleanup Time

Gardenwise: Remember November As Cleanup Time By Susan Tito By now, if you’re like most property owners on Long Island, you’ve dug out your trusty rake from your garage, shed or basement and have gotten to

Pan Roasted Black Bass with White Wine and Rosemary

Let’s Cook: Giving Turkey the Bird

Let’s Cook: Giving Turkey the Bird by Alison Boyd & William Sertl The Plan Following the lead of their brethren in Plymouth, the folks who settled the East End gave turkey no more than equal billing at

Southampton, Opioid, forum, task force

Southampton to Hold Forum on Opioid Crisis

In an effort to stop the spread of the deadly opioid drug crisis, the Town of Southampton Opioid Addiction Task Force will hold a public forum on Wednesday, Nov. 15 at 7 p.m. at the

Kayaking on Red Creek. Hampton Bays

Southampton Town Named Climate Smart Community

New York State has named Southampton Town a Certified Climate Smart Community, making Southampton the 16th town in the state and the second on Long Island to be given this designation. East Hampton was the

Between the Lines: Strange Creatures, Indeed, These Americans

Officers Mess, Pyongyang Defense Command, North Korea — Excuse me, captain, but is this seat taken? Hyun! Brother! Where have you been? It’s a long story. And how many times must I remind you that here

homestead color for web (1)

This is Not Your Father’s Affordable Housing

This is Not Your Father’s Affordable Housing by Michael Daly Affordable housing has become a major topic of conversation for many communities throughout the East End of Long Island and the nation as income distribution gets

Meet the Southold Town Board Candidates

by Jinsoo Henry Oh The North Fork’s recent surge in popularity has been a boom for business, but that popularity brings with it a crush of development pressures that are quite a new experience for

Between the Lines: I Have A Crush on Harry Potter’s Creator

It’s true. I idolize Scottish author J.K. Rowling, who conjured up not just the bespectacled and thatch-haired Harry Potter, but with him an entire magical universe peopled with so many other incredible characters, including

An assortment of tulips brightens this garden in late spring.

Gardenwise: Fall For Bulbs

Gardenwise: Fall For Bulbs by Susan Tito Spring is coming. Lest you think I’ve just awoken from bear-like hibernation into a state of confusion, I assure you that I’m well aware of the time of year. Dwindling