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Making Music Out of Invasive Weeds

Making Music Out of Invasive Weeds by Glenn Jochum As a young boy growing up in Wisconsin, Jay Loomis felt the presence of the indigenous population that makes up much of the state — places bearing

Bringing Greetings from the Avian World

It’s official: I’m a bird nerd. On a Saturday in late July I joined nine of my colleagues in becoming a Vird Ambassador as part of a new National Audubon Society (NAS) initiative to

Fifty Shades of Green: Dealing with the Uptick of Ticks

I’m sure you’ve heard by now we’re in for a particularly rough tick season this year, which kicks off when the temperature climbs above 40 degrees. Here’s proof: In the middle of writing this

Fifty Shades of Green: The World is Not Your Ashtray

There are many benefits that come from living on the Main Road — snow removal, public water and accessibility to goods and services all spring to mind. But the amount of litter that manages to

The Atlantic Menhaden

The Bunker Resurgence: The Good News Beyond Recent Fish Kills

by Glenn Jochum As you take your fish oil supplement, feed your pet, or apply your lipstick there’s a chance your daily life is impacted by a 15-inch ocean dweller, Brevoortia tyrannus, a fierce-sounding name

Conservation Badge Still Has A Lot Of Merit

Fifty Shades of Green Conservation Badge Still Has a Lot of Merit by Glenn Jochum There it is, my old green uniform, still sitting in my closet, with the only badge I earned as a Boy Scout,

Loving Your Biodiverse Lawn

Our lawns are contributing to making Long Island’s water supply sick. One hundred and seventeen pesticide-related chemicals appeared in Long Island’s aquifer during a groundwater study conducted between 1996 and 2010 by the Suffolk County

Going Green, By Degrees…

Every April, I am forced to wonder how “green” I am. As a committee member for Stony Brook University’s weeklong environmentally friendly event called Earthstock, I am supposed to be a shining example of