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Between the Lines: I Have A Crush on Harry Potter’s Creator

It’s true. I idolize Scottish author J.K. Rowling, who conjured up not just the bespectacled and thatch-haired Harry Potter, but with him an entire magical universe peopled with so many other incredible characters, including

Between the Lines: My ‘Kelly 2020’ Signs Should Be Green, Right?

  Ok, Ok, can everybody settle down now, please? Can you hear me in the back? What? I said, CAN YOU HEAR ME IN THE BACK? I SAID… Oh, very funny. Grow up, will ya? First, I like to

Between the Lines: You’d Love Throwing Back A Beer with this Guy

The Civil War wouldn’t end for another year when Private William Henry Christman of the 67th Pennsylvania Infantry was buried, on May 13, 1864, not far from Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s home overlooking

Between the Lines: Making Babies is Tricky Business

Unless you have the time and the stomach for a lengthy and, more than likely, pained response, never, ever ask anyone who works in Washington, D.C. but drives to and from the Virginia or

Between the Lines: Hello, Seriously? Is This Really Donald Trump?

By Tim Kelly Wait… I might get through! Honey, can you believe it? I might actually get to talk with the President! I told you, after all the crap he’s taken about freezing out the

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