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Chicken Cobbler for the Harvest Moon

A Harvest Moon Dinner

A Harvest Moon Dinner By Alison Boyd and William Sertl The Idea Only yesterday you caught yourself thinking: “Once the kids are back in school I want to have some fancy dinners again. Lay out a big

Raspberry Mousse | Jim Slezak photo

Eat Local: Kids Cook, And So Can You!

by Linda Slezak In these days of opening a ready-made box of ingredients to prepare a meal, it seems that adults don’t have the confidence or know-how to cook a simple meal. One of my great

The Halyard

Top Chefs Flock to the North Fork

by William Sertl The North Fork is the new Brooklyn. You know that. I know that. But it became official this summer when Eater.com ran a headline proclaiming just that: “North Fork is Becoming the

Corn Chowder  |  Jim Slezak photo

Eat Local: Supporting East End Farms

by Linda Slezak My first experience of a farm stand was on a day-trip to the North Fork. I wasn’t living here just yet and I was delighted by the big outdoor displays of fresh

Monkfish Cioppino | Jim Slezak photo

Eat Local: Sustainable East End Fish

by Linda Slezak We all know how important sustainable agriculture is. It protects our farmlands from soil depletion of nutrients and reduces the need for chemical additives and pesticides. The bounty of prime agricultural land

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