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A sample of poor soil from a golf course. Possibly a “clean fill” material, this soil features many large particles and scant organic matter.

Gardenwise: All The Dirt You Need to Know About Soil

By Susan Tito First, my apologies to horticulturists and soil scientists everywhere: I shouldn’t label that wondrous organic substance that supports plant life as just “dirt.” I know better, but I can’t resist a play

If you are a take charge person who loves to plan, you probably prefer the look of flowers with warm hues, such as Alstroemeria 'Inca Ice' (shown in foreground).

Gardenwise: What Do Your Garden Colors Say About You?

Gardenwise: What Do Your Garden Colors Say About You? By Susan Tito Unless you live in the Arctic, you probably find this winter to be brutal so far, certainly from a comfort point of view. Or

Resolve to make 2018 the year of Your New Garden.

Gardenwise: New Year, New Garden

by Susan Tito The ball has dropped, the empty bottles of bubbly are piled high in the recycling bin and you’re staring down an onerous list of resolutions you know you’ll break before month’s end.

White pine (center) has a commanding presence at Bridge Gardens.

Gardenwise: Got the Wintertime Blues? Think Evergreen

The garden has gone dormant and the landscape is entering that time of the year best described by a bunch of “B” words… Boring. Barren. Bleak. Let’s face it, aside from your neighbors’ gaudy inflatable holiday decorations, there’s

Although there’s lot to do in the garden in November, refrain from cutting back ornamental plants with beautiful seed heads, such as the fountain grass and black-eyed Susan (shown in the foreground) pictured here.

Gardenwise: Remember November As Cleanup Time

Gardenwise: Remember November As Cleanup Time By Susan Tito By now, if you’re like most property owners on Long Island, you’ve dug out your trusty rake from your garage, shed or basement and have gotten to

An assortment of tulips brightens this garden in late spring.

Gardenwise: Fall For Bulbs

Gardenwise: Fall For Bulbs by Susan Tito Spring is coming. Lest you think I’ve just awoken from bear-like hibernation into a state of confusion, I assure you that I’m well aware of the time of year. Dwindling

With a hori-hori knife, division of this spiderwort is a snap.

Divide (And Conquer) Weak Plants

By Susan Tito The proverb “The cobbler’s children have no shoes” could have been written to describe my life. You see, I’ve come to the realization that I help others beautify their gardens, yet I

Houttuynia: The Godzilla of the Garden

Gardenwise: Horror in the Garden

By Susan Tito When I was a child, one of my greatest pleasures was watching horror movies with my father. The films we fancied were not the gory fare that’s so prevalent today but

Gardenwise: Testing the Waters of Conservation

By Susan Tito By her own admission, a dear friend of mine has a black thumb. I would be hard-pressed to disagree with her, as most everything she plants quickly withers and dies. In fact, one

Gardenwise: Oh Deer!

By Susan Tito Attracting wildlife to your property is embracing the gardenwise lifestyle. Many birds, frogs, small mammals and insects occupy important niches in the local ecosystem, and their daily activities give you a front-row

One Garden ‘Weed’ We Need

One Garden ‘Weed’ We Need by Susan Tito It was Shakespeare’s Juliet who famously uttered “what’s in a name?” — and so it goes for Asclepias tuberosa — perhaps one of the most overlooked and underused

Loving Your Biodiverse Lawn

Our lawns are contributing to making Long Island’s water supply sick. One hundred and seventeen pesticide-related chemicals appeared in Long Island’s aquifer during a groundwater study conducted between 1996 and 2010 by the Suffolk County

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