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Gardenwise: Testing the Waters of Conservation

By Susan Tito By her own admission, a dear friend of mine has a black thumb. I would be hard-pressed to disagree with her, as most everything she plants quickly withers and dies. In fact, one

Gardenwise: Oh Deer!

By Susan Tito Attracting wildlife to your property is embracing the gardenwise lifestyle. Many birds, frogs, small mammals and insects occupy important niches in the local ecosystem, and their daily activities give you a front-row

One Garden ‘Weed’ We Need

One Garden ‘Weed’ We Need by Susan Tito It was Shakespeare’s Juliet who famously uttered “what’s in a name?” — and so it goes for Asclepias tuberosa — perhaps one of the most overlooked and underused

Loving Your Biodiverse Lawn

Our lawns are contributing to making Long Island’s water supply sick. One hundred and seventeen pesticide-related chemicals appeared in Long Island’s aquifer during a groundwater study conducted between 1996 and 2010 by the Suffolk County

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