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Pan Roasted Black Bass with White Wine and Rosemary

Let’s Cook: Giving Turkey the Bird

Let’s Cook: Giving Turkey the Bird by Alison Boyd & William Sertl The Plan Following the lead of their brethren in Plymouth, the folks who settled the East End gave turkey no more than equal billing at

Corn-zucchini fritters

A Summer Garden Daydream

Everyone seems to have a favorite dish that screams ‘summer’ to them. Not being a foodie, I always thought this was a kind of silly idea until I put down roots and began to

Founder's Tavern

Good Eats: Founder’s Tavern

I’m kinda a Southold kid. Kinda. I say that because I lived on the border of Southold and Greenport for a mere six years of my childhood — but they were the formative years — after

The Birchwood reopened last Wednesday, and by Saturday night Polish Town was packed with happy customers.

The Birchwood Reopens and Polish Town Smiles

Polish Town in Riverhead was so packed with happy people this past Saturday night that you’d think the carnival was in town. But that wasn’t what was happening at all. The Birchwood restaurant, which shut

This is one hungry man, but it easily feeds one hungry man and one hungry woman.

The Only Egg Sandwich on the North Fork

As just about anyone who’s ever actually worked for a living on the North Fork knows, there is just one place to fill your belly with a solid breakfast when you’re anywhere near Greenport. It has

Fried Chicken, Cromer's style.

Good Eats: Needy in Noyac

Any season in Noyac is like a trip back in time, to a place where the Hamptons was an undiscovered wilderness of scrub pine and oak, windswept, by the edge of the sea, a

The perfect flounder sandwich

In Search of the Perfect Flounder Sandwich

Once upon a time, I was standing in the Waldbaum’s parking lot in Mattituck waiting for a date at the Boom Burger that used to be near the movie theater, when five men in business suits

Two big beef burgers from Boom! Burger, and an order of sweet potato fries. What else do you need in life?

Good Eats: Boom! Burger

I have a problem with hamburgers on the East End. As anybody who has spent any time up west knows, you can walk into a diner almost anywhere in Lake Grove or Bellport or Port

When the lights are on at Sam's, all is right in East Hampton.

Good Eats: Sam’s Restaurant

Everything is ok in East Hampton as long as the neon sign is on at Sam’s. When you first walk in the door of Newtown Lane’s oldest restaurant, the first thing you notice is how

Filling up your belly at Spicy's.

Good Eats: Spicy’s Barbecue

If you’re alive, you’ve gotta eat. And if you’ve gotta eat, you’ve gotta put some decent calories in your belly. And if it’s winter and it’s cold and you’re feeling around in your pockets

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