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Opinion: Reflections on Year One

This April’s edition of the East End Beacon marks our one-year anniversary of providing fresh local news, in print, for the whole of the East End. We’ve been welcomed with open arms by readers

Viewpoint: Suffolk School Superintendents Appeal for Action on Guns

By Gary Bixhorn and Lars Clemensen 
The murder of 17 students and teachers in the corridors of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, by a gunman armed with an AR-15 assault rifle, is


Editorial: It’s Not Rocket Science

We’re disgusted, and that doesn’t happen often. But this debate over the best ways to protect our children from mass shootings in schools can’t pit solutions against one another. There are many ways to

More student comments.

Editorial: The East End Vs. Opioids

The East End is certainly not the only place in the country suffering from the nationwide opioid epidemic, but Suffolk County has the dubious distinction of being the number one county in New York

This week's thaw, Peconic Bay

Editorial: A Resilient 2018

This past year, 2017, was the year of news. If you’ve been watching cable TV news all year, it’s easy to remember the year that was as a non-stop soap opera emanating from the White

East End Technology

Opinion: The Future is Now

As we wend our way through the gadgetry of the holiday season, we have a first-hand look at the most exciting things the future promises us — houses that obey our commands, cameras that


Building Good Science

It’s very easy for us, as social animals, to equate an unwavering position on issues with strength, resolve and conviction. After all, we want to know that what was true yesterday will be true

School Vote

Editorial: Sending Our Education System Back To School

That slight tell-tale, just a whisk of coolness in the breeze, tells us we stand on the brink of the end of another summer on the East End. The barbecue section at Target in


Editorial: The Process, Without Apology

Living out here on the far end of Long Island, there is some degree of buffer between our daily lives and the national political situation. There’s something about our disconnect from the mainland that

This could be anywhere on the East End these days, but it’s Noyac Road on the afternoon trade parade.

The New Crawl: Life on a Crowded Fork

by George Cork Maul Everybody heading East on Sunrise Highway from up West is used to going 65 miles per hour until they reach the Lobster Inn in Shinnecock Hills, where the signs change to

At Greenport Fire Department's annual memorial service June 11. | Beth Young photo

When Helpers Answer Their Last Alarms

When any firefighter dies, word goes out through the firefighting network that a brother or sister has ‘answered their last alarm.’ Often these firefighters have not technically died in the line of duty, but in a life of

Beach bike

Editorial: Go Ride a Bike

When we were children, spring brought with it a sense of hope and renewal, the promise of summer’s barbecues and lazy backyard afternoons. Those of us who grew up here were lucky to never

Main Street, Sag Harbor Fire

Sag Harbor: If Only In My Dreams

I served as Sag Harbor’s beat reporter in a decade between fires, but all those fires left a scar on the memories of those of us who spent our days on this bucolic Main


In Trump’s America

So here we are, briskly sliding into the brand new world of Donald Trump’s America. I’ve been stunned, as you likely have as well, at the sudden change in this country’s fortunes over the past four

In Bridgehampton on a Tumbleweed Tuesday not too many years ago...

Riding the Tumbleweed Wave

It wasn’t until I was a mid-ripe teenager growing up on the North Fork that I first heard the phrase “Tumbleweed Tuesday,” but that phrase has come to define so much of all of

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