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Main Street, Sag Harbor Fire

Sag Harbor: If Only In My Dreams

I served as Sag Harbor’s beat reporter in a decade between fires, but all those fires left a scar on the memories of those of us who spent our days on this bucolic Main


In Trump’s America

So here we are, briskly sliding into the brand new world of Donald Trump’s America. I’ve been stunned, as you likely have as well, at the sudden change in this country’s fortunes over the past four

In Bridgehampton on a Tumbleweed Tuesday not too many years ago...

Riding the Tumbleweed Wave

It wasn’t until I was a mid-ripe teenager growing up on the North Fork that I first heard the phrase “Tumbleweed Tuesday,” but that phrase has come to define so much of all of

The New Suffolk Post Office is just a stone's throw from The Most Beautiful Place in the World. But please don't throw stones at it.

How The Most Beautiful Place in the World Became a PokéStop

A couple of years back, and we don’t really remember the details of how it happened, my beau and I were tipped off by his son, the IT director at a fine local hospital,

Lee Zeldin with John Berman and Kate Bolduan Tuesday morning.

Opinion: The Great Racist Finger-Pointing Debate

I just can’t take it any more! My inbox is crammed to the max with politicians reacting and counter-reacting and counter-counter-reacting to a comment Lee Zeldin made on CNN that Barack Obama’s policies could be seen

Mom Earth played tricks on Inlet Lane in Greenport in October of 2012.

Mom Earth Can Do What She Wants. It’s Her Day.

I’m a big fan of seeing kids draw pretty pictures of trees, of picking up litter, and planting native gardens, but for some reason this Earth Day none of these things seemed like the right thing

North Fork singer-songwriter Robert Bruey at Thursday's vigil in Patchogue

Walls & Bridges: The Day Donald Trump Came to Patchogue

The cherry blossoms had just popped open on Main Street in Patchogue yesterday afternoon before Donald Trump came to town to attend a Suffolk County Republican fundraiser, a couple blocks up Railroad Avenue from where Equadorian

Beth Young

Who Owns Your Narrative?

Some time around the second grade, I can’t remember quite when because everything that has happened to me since seems like a waking dream, my mother’s boyfriend came to me where I slept on

I must stop Christmas from coming, but how?

All I Want For Christmas

I’m one of the lucky people in this world who has a couple people in my life who ask me what I want for Christmas, and I hope that you are lucky enough to

Dredging in Downs Creek, Monday morning.

The Fog of December

This has been anything but a usual December. I broke both of my snow shovels during last year’s blizzard and I haven’t even begun to worry about whether I’ll need a new one soon.

King Kullen in Riverhead is emptying the shelves.

The Latest Casualty in the East End’s Supermarket Saga

King Kullen in Riverhead closes its doors today, and, despite all the grocery store upheaval that we’ve seen all around the East End in the past few months, this closing is the one that

Cutchogue car crash

Lessons of a Terrible Afternoon

Amy Grabina, 23, had just graduated from college and started her first job as an accountant at Ernst & Young. Stephanie Belli, 23, was a business student at SUNY Farmingdale. Brittany Schulman, also 23,

Benjamin Franklin gets an autograph from artist Alan Bull.

Whose Mile Markers? Southold’s Mile Markers.

When I was growing up on the North Fork, I’d always heard the tale of how Benjamin Franklin rode down the Kings Highway  — the Main Road down the North Fork — one day in

Old newspapers serve many recycling purposes.

The Media Doesn’t Care About You

You’ve probably suspected for years that the media doesn’t care about you, and you’re probably right. But there are some things the media does care about, and it’s probably a good idea that we

The Steinway baby grand amidst the wreckage of the First Universalist Church of Southold.

Thinking Like Lazarus Through a Terrible Time

When I was a little girl, I was always scared to get dressed up for church. I’d inevitably go jump in a mud puddle as soon as the sermon was over and ruin another

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