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“Alarms & Excursions” to Open in Quogue

Hampton Theatre Company in Quogue will be presenting “Alarms and Excursions,” Michael Frayn’s deliriously funny collection of comedies of embarrassment, May 25 through June 11. This play offers hilarious commentary on the fiendish new technology

“Cabaret” To Open at North Fork Community Theatre

The North Fork Community Theatre will present the hit musical “Cabaret,” which takes us back to Berlin in 1930 as two couples attempt to find happiness while the looming threat of the Third Reich

Matthew Conlon and Rebecca Edana in HTC's production of "An Act of the Imagination.". Tom Kochie photo.

All in the Imagination: HTC’s Devious Murder Mystery

The mood is a character in Hampton Theatre Company’s spring mystery production of Bernard Slade’s “An Act of the Imagination,” which opened this weekend at the Quogue Community House. Top-notch acting, Diana Marbury’s lush Victorian

Sawyer Spielberg and Eric Svendsen at a read-through of their new production of "Extinction" at Guild Hall.

Friendship, “Extinction” and Immersive Theater

Friendship is at the core of our experience of the world — it is through our friends’ eyes that we reflect their perceptions and social morays and ultimately evolve, and it is the rupture of

Matthew Conlon and Rebecca Edana in HTC's production of "An Act of the Imagination.". Tom Kochie photo.

“An Act of the Imagination” Opens in Quogue

“An Act of the Imagination,” Bernard Slade’s masterful and suspense filled mystery, will be the third play of the Hampton Theatre Company’s 2016-2017 season, opening on March 23 at the Quogue Community Hall and

Susan Hedges, Kelsey Cheslock and Michelle Corbett in NFCT's production of "The Female of the Species."

NFCT’s “The Female of the Species”: When Women Call the Shots, Comedy Takes A Revealing Turn

There’s a big place for comedy in a world that has lately seemed to shun the second wave of feminists who crashed the world’s gender roles in the 1960s, and the heart of that comedy can

Brianna Kinnier, Toni-Jo Pescosolido Birk, Shannon DuPuis, Julie Crowley, Christina Stankewicz and Bethany Dellapolla in Center Stage's production of "Promises, Promises."

A Heartfelt “Promises, Promises” Keeps its Pledge of Fine Humor and Song

International Women’s Day was just one day before Southampton’s Center Stage’s production of “Promises, Promises” opened last week. It was a fitting moment to sit back in your chair at the Southampton Cultural Center

Center Stage: Taking On Office Politics with Song, Humor and Heart

If you’ve been missing the AMC series “Mad Men” since it ended two years ago, Southampton’s Center Stage’s new production of “Promises, Promises” may be the cure for what ails you. The 1960s musical, based

Tamara Salkin as Missy in Center Stage's production of "The Money Shot"

Taking a Bite Out of Hollywood’s Playbook

Our society, which until recently seemed built on some semblance of reality, has now solidly entered an era of alternative facts. If you don’t like the way something is going down, there are always new words you

Tamara Flanell and Colin Palmer in NFCT's production of "Almost, Maine."

The Thawed, Warm-Blooded Hearts of “Almost, Maine”

Our hearts seem to us to be tender, blood-pumping organs from which our desires and commitments stem, but in playwright John Cariani’s “Almost, Maine,” hearts are broken pieces of slate, pixelated paintings, and laundry bags filled

Ben Schnickel as Leo and Samantha Herrara as Amanda in HTC's production of "4000 Miles" | tom kochie photo for HTC

A Heartfelt Journey Toward Manhood in HTC’s “4000 Miles”

I don’t usually leave a theatrical performance feeling full and satisfied — it’s far more likely that I’ll be unsettled (in a good way), excited or perturbed about something I’ve witnessed. But after leaving

Selection from the poster for HTC's "4000 Miles."

New Year Brings New Theater to East End Stages

January is a great time of year to head out to see local theater on the East End — three local theater companies are opening new shows this month. First up this winter is “4000

Riverhead's Vail-Leavitt Music Hall

East End Fringe Fest Seeks to Bring New Theater to Riverhead

Riverhead’s Vail-Leavitt Music Hall will be the scene in the summer of 2017 for a series of new, experimental theatrical projects. Debbie Slevin and Cindy Clifford, who two years ago staged a series of new

Hampton Theatre Company members are getting ready to bring Joy to the World

A Holiday Season Filled with Theater

Throughout the East End, actors are busy burnishing familiar stories of the holiday season to present to the community in the upcoming weeks. From a festive series of holiday stories from the actors of the

In rehearsals for Center Stage's upcoming radio productions | Dane DuPuis photo for Center Stage

A New Christmas Tradition for the Southampton Stage

A new East End Christmas tradition is in the works at Center Stage at the Southampton Cultural Center. The theater company is bringing playwright Joe Landry’s live radio play of “It’s A Wonderful Life” back to the