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The Homestead: Peconic Townships: All Together Now

We, on the East End of Long Island, are so fortunate to live here. Many who don’t are envious of our good fortune. We have some of the most cherished beaches, villages, wildlife, sunrises and

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The Homestead: 2030 or Bust!

The Homestead: 2030 or Bust! by Michael Daly Inadequate housing and transportation systems are violations of human rights and need to be seen as such. Rights-based housing strategies are not the same for every city, village and

The Homestead: Are We Awake?

by Michael Daly My awakening began with my realization that, while being brought up a “good” Catholic boy and becoming a “good” man, my path has been one of white entitlement — safe, supportive, a

Michael Daly

The Homestead: The New Fashioned Way

by Michael Daly The Old Fashioned Way… Grandma’s apple pie…Ma’s beach plum jelly…Dad comin’ home with fresh-caught striped bass…children Trick-or-Treating on Halloween…all among the many things we enjoyed in years gone by. Tweeting…snapping…downloading…Facetiming…GPS…online dating…terrorism…all among the things

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This is Not Your Father’s Affordable Housing

This is Not Your Father’s Affordable Housing by Michael Daly Affordable housing has become a major topic of conversation for many communities throughout the East End of Long Island and the nation as income distribution gets

Let’s Put More Community in the CPF

by Michael Daly Com• mu•ni•ty: 1. A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. 2. A particular area or place considered together with its inhabitants. 3.  The people of a

The Homestead: It’s Not About Either/Or, It’s About AND

by Michael Daly Affordable housing or preservation? Workforce housing or grand estates? People or animals? Senior housing or clean water? Preservation or sustainability? It has been (cynically) said that today’s home buyer is tomorrow’s environmentalist. As

The Homestead: Be a Yimby!

By Michael Daly Your daughter can’t afford to live here on her new teachers’ salary. You new friend can’t attend your birthday celebration because she lives 45 miles away and doesn’t “come east” on the weekends. Your

The Homestead: Love Yer Elders

by Michael Daly Thank God my sister, Eleanor, with her husband James and their two teenage children, lives with and cares for my 92-year-old mother Muriel in Westhampton. Eleanor is also a mom herself and works

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