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Beth Young
Beth Young

Beth Young began her newspaper career delivering The Sag Harbor Express in the early days of the internet. She was the primary reporter for The Express for nearly a decade and served as their interim arts editor in 2001. She covered schools and government, arts and environmental issues, the village’s bustling waterfront and the characters who dwell there, and social issues ranging from immigration to homelessness in the Hamptons.

She received her master’s degree in journalism at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in 2007. While at Columbia, she reported on the changing face of immigration, the effect of trade deregulation on the garment industry, the construction of the Barclays Center and the debate over the Cross-Harbor Rail Tunnel in Brooklyn, the fallout from the Iraq War, the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals, and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Her master’s project studied the great variation in the prosecution of hate crimes in different East End towns.

In 2007, Ms. Young interned with the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in Washington, D.C., where she wrote nationally syndicated articles about the upcoming 2008 presidential election, the Middle East peace process and Washington’s Jewish community.

She returned to the East End in 2008, where she covered East Hampton town government during the tumultuous administrations of Town Supervisors Bill McGintee and Bill Wilkinson. She also covered school consolidation and environmental issues ranging from the Speonk Solvent Plume to the Water Mill fish die-off at Mill Pond for the Press News Group.

From 2010 to 2013, she served as the Southold Town government reporter for a small newspaper on the North Fork. She is also a certified fish technician. Ms. Young, a direct descendant of Southold founder Rev. John Youngs, was raised all over the North Fork.

About Our Staff

Gianna Volpe, Reporter & Photographer

Gianna Volpe
Gianna Volpe

Gianna Volpe is a multimedia reporter hailing from a little town along the Palisades of New Jersey.

She was named one of the New York Press Association’s four “Rookie Reporters of the Year” for her 2012 work with the Times/Review Newsgroup, where she served as the organization’s business, wine, health and real estate reporter, as well as Southold’s crime reporter.

She received her bachelor’s degree in journalism with a focus on photojournalism and minor in creative writing from the University of Missouri in 2010.


George Cork Maul, Arts & Design Coordinator

George Cork Maul
George Cork Maul

George Cork Maul is a composer, pianist and performance art specialist, who specializes in artistic collaborations on the East End. He studied music composition with Isaac Nemiroff at Stony Brook where he earned a B.A. and went on to do graduate work in electronic music with Bulent Arel and classical style with Charles Rosen.

After touring for several years and working as a studio musician, he began composing a wide range of serial and tonal music. His credits include modern songs, suites and dance pieces, contemporary operas, musicals, music for software and recently, pieces for string orchestra. His compositions have been performed in Italy, Ireland, Canada and the United States.

He can be seen performing at North Fork vineyards, Long Island libraries, art openings and other venues.

Glenn Jochum, Green Correspondent

Glenn Jochum

Glenn Jochum grew up in Huntington, grew up more in Montauk, saw the world with the U.S. Navy and retreated to the last unruined paradise on Long Island, the North Fork. He’s written for the Navy and many Long Island newspapers, and was the managing editor of the Traveler-Watchman. He has written more than 200 songs, six CDs and is one-half of the folk-rock outfit The Earthtones.




Dave Davis, Columnist and Montauk Correspondent

Dave Davis
Dave Davis

Dave Davis teaches preschool for the Head Start program at the Children’s Museum of the East End in Bridgehampton. Two of his pieces, “Always Be the Water” and “All Things Considered,” appear in the 2016 anthology “On Montauk: A Literary Celebration.”







Isaac Greinke, Graphic and Web Design, Cartoons

Isaac Greinke
Isaac Greinke

Isaac Greinke is a 2014 graduate of Riverhead High School, where he specialized in drawing portraits of his cohorts and haunting the graphic design lab. He has designed websites, created stop motion animation and live films, and done extensive cartooning.






Avenue Smith, Youth Reporter Corps Leader

Avenue Smith
Avenue Smith

Avenue Smith is a tenth grader at Riverhead Middle School. She intends to attend Yale University. She is a voracious reader, a top-notch student and a chamber orchestra pro who loves to play the violin and piano.




Viola Smith, Youth Reporter Corps

Viola Smith
Viola Smith

Viola Smith is a seventh grader at Riverhead Middle School. She enjoys pickles and mischief and occasionally plays the viola in order to live up to her name. She also intends to attend Yale University.



About the Publisher

Fireball Young
Fireball Young

Fireball Young‘s diverse holdings include steaks in many hamlets on the East End of Long Island. He is a native of the Kent Animal Shelter in Riverhead, where he briefly lived after he was caught sipping Slurpees behind the Riverhead 7-Eleven. He is currently considering the acquisition of property on Village Lane in Orient.

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  1. Rick Young September 6, 2016 Reply

    Ms. Young – While doing some research on Greenport, I noticed that both of us are Youngs and that you are of the Rev. John Youngs (Yonges) family. I am a descendent from his brother’s family, Captain Joseph Youngs. Although there seems to be plenty of information about Rev. Youngs, I’ve found very little about Captain Youngs. I am particularly interested in 17th century east Long Island wharfing and shipping (Cpt. Youngs was very involved in that business), but also information about his relationship with his older sibling, Rev. John Youngs. Of course I don’t know you, but I will try to establish my bona fides if you are interested in helping me. Thanks. Rick Young (Charles Rice “Rick” Young) Associate Professor of Law and Political Science, University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas.

    • Beth Young September 7, 2016 Reply

      Hi, Cousin! Thank you for writing. If you’d like, I’ll pass this message on to my father, who is the best historian in my family … he’s broken the genealogy back pretty far and he has a lot of great information. His name is Christopher Young (If I’m not mistaken, there’s also a Captain Christopher Youngs in the way back times…).

      • Anonymous September 8, 2016 Reply

        Thanks. It would be great to hear from your Dad. Take care and have a very good day. Rick

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