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Garlic planted last fall is in good shape this time of year.

Rainy day vegetables

It’s on rainy early June days that the East End’s gardens begin to pop. Vegetable and flower plants that had been seedlings just days earlier react to the heat and moisture and rapidly become

Wilde Yacht Sales' Minor 27 at the Greenport Boat Show. My next boat.

Boat dreamin’ at the Greenport show

I used to have a boat, but now I don’t. She was a 24-foot Irwin sloop that I found in an advert on a website during the early days of the internet. She was


The ocean doesn’t like you

Sand fleas. BMWs stretching to the horizon. Sandy bottoms. Dirty feet. Stinky bathrooms. Rancid hot dogs. Rip currents. Disinterested lifeguards. And you think the ocean likes you? It’s time once again for the media’s annual glorification


East Enders take a stand against Monsanto

Protesters who have it in for genetically modified food took to the streets the world over on May 25 to argue their case against Monsanto, the multi-national agricultural biotechnology company that has a lockhold


Fireboat still at Greenport pier…for now

Ever since the cold and sunny February day when retired New York Fire Department fireboat “Fire Fighter,” now a floating museum, docked in Greenport, she’s been a major village attraction. But the boat’s short-term lease

FEMA says it can find you

Just in time for hurricane season on Long Island, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is launching a new campaign to let the world know that they can tell you when a disaster is about

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Hello, and welcome to the East End Beacon. We hope the news here will always be fresh and interesting! It’s easy to see the East End as a fractured assemblage of social stratum gone amuck.

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