All Girls/All Boys' "Dirt"
All Boy/All Girl’s “Dirt”

By all accounts, the lineup for this year’s Winterfest series of concerts on the North Fork promises to be an entertaining one.

We would like to propose that entertainment is not the only purpose of music. If music is a language, it should say something.

Art is meant to inspire. Sometimes it fosters innovation. At its best, it encourages spiritual growth.When we experience art together, we feel like better human beings.

When we experience entertainment, we go home and we’re done. When we experience art, it is just the beginning.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite music being performed on Long Island and in the New York area by musicians who have devoted their lives to a calling in the face of an industry obsessed with the cult of personality.

We hope you’ll enjoy listening to them too.

1. All Boy/All Girl

These are my friends.


2. Ornette Coleman

The king of free improvisation.


3. Efterklang

This gang of serious players from all over will awe you. They explore the relationship between lyric and sound in new ways, creating signposts on the post-minimalist landscape.


4. Daniel Carter & Federico Ughi

This New York jazz duo is not easy listening for tourists. Search these guys out on your next trip to the city. You’ll be glad you did.


5. Jay Sorce

My idea of local guitar talent.


6. Matthew Shipp

This pianist is an amazing treasure who has been redefining jazz in New York for years.


7. JP Jofre & Ashley Bathgate

My idea of New York roots music.


8. Antonio Murga

This is what Tom Waits meant when he said “What’s He Building in There?”


9. Polygraph Lounge

You’d be hard-pressed to find this much musical talent employed anywhere else in the service of comedy.


10. Mivos Quartet

A string quartet? The redefinition of classical music. Watch it until the end.

11. Triptoc Perf

Whet your whistle with this trio of creative geniuses who may give you an idea of what the future of music is.

12. Rob Schwimmer

With an unusual box of toys that range from the first electric instrument, the theremin, to the latest, the haken, this Long Island-based performer/composer is always interesting.


George Cork Maul
George Cork Maul is a composer, pianist and performance art specialist. He kayaks around Robins Island in the morning and makes pizza for all The Beacon’s meetings. He studies the movement of crowds, the future of music and waterspouts.

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