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Climate Local Now: Turning Green into Gold: It’s Time

by Mark Haubner There was a time when the Men of Science (no women?!) became alchemists and worked feverishly trying to turn lead into gold. But today, our Women and Men of Science are agronomists and biologists and everything else, and we have found a way to turn green to gold. Our food waste (also known as Vegetative Organics) can be cycled back into our soils in a regenerative manner,
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Climate Local Now: Kelp: Rising Star of Climate Cuisine

By Mary Morgan I recently had the good fortune to talk with four amazing women — all in professions that can shape the future of seafood. We met on Zoom — calling in from Portland, Maine, Brooklyn, Southold and Amagansett — on a panel I was co-moderating. We talked about the climate-solution benefits of regenerative small scale oyster and kelp farming and, yes, we shared some favorite kelp recipes. Dazzling
Consider the Oyster
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Climate Local Now: Consider the Oyster & Save What’s Left

by Mary Morgan Gazing across the bay, it looks so pure, pristine and you may think that all is well, the water is clean, safe, healthy.   Think again. Our coastal waters are a living resource. What we cannot see, but science has charted, is that life in our bays is in rapid decline.   That hurts. Like so many of us, I love our bays and beaches, their natural
Irrigation of sod in the rain is just one of the more visible signs of Southold's unsustainable water use.
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Climate Local Now: Start With Water

By Mark Haubner You may look around the East End and think water, water everywhere. And you may think water is cheap. Think again. Our drinking water is a resource that is projected to run out. It’s a problem that has a solution, because together we can  prevent that from happening. Just do one thing. Some of us are old enough to remember gasoline prices pushing the $4 mark back