Ia:owts septic system
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Editorial: Septic Upgrade Process Must Be Improved

It’s official — with Governor Kathy Hochul’s approval in late May, Suffolk County voters will get to weigh in this November on a ballot proposition allowing the county to charge a 1/8 percent sales tax to be used toward septic upgrade initiatives. This potential revenue source, if approved by voters, will only be a game changer for East End communities if the process for getting approvals for and installing innovative
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Letter: Pass the New York HEAT Act

To the Editor: The NY HEAT Act (A4592) would lower utility bills for many of us, and it would help shift to cleaner heating. NY Assembly must pass this bill before June 7! NY HEAT would cap utility bills for low- and moderate-income New Yorkers at 6 percent of their income. That would mean paying 156 dollars less on utility bills every months on average for one in four households
Three Mile Harbor Apartments_East Hampton
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Editorial: Housing Partners Make a Difference

East Hampton Town is on a roll with its plans for affordable housing, taking a mult-pronged approach to enable the people who make a community function to continue to live here. The feather in their cap this month is the opening of application submissions for “The Green at Gardiner’s Point,” a 50-unit rental complex with most units priced to be affordable for people making about 60 percent of the area
A typical BESS storage container, in this case designed by Honeywell.
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Letter: Sharing Concerns About Battery Energy Storage

To The Editor: Over one hundred residents gathered at the Heritage Center during a recent Mt. Sinai Civic Association meeting to hear from New Leaf Energy, a battery storage company, about a proposed lithium-ion battery storage facility. According to the civic president, the plan to place the 20-megawatt battery storage facility on a 1-acre parcel, located at the corner of Mt. Sinai Coram Road and Rt. 25A in Mt. Sinai,
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Letter: Thank You To Everyone Who Participated in Strongs Boat Storage Environmental Review

To the Editor: Thank you for your ongoing coverage of the Strong’s Marine boat storage project on Mattituck Inlet. As you laid out in your most recent article, the Southold Town Planning Board has accepted a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS), prepared by an outside consultant and largely shaped by community input over the course of a detailed State Environmental Quality Review (SEQRA).   Strong’s Marine has proposed to excavate
Ia:owts septic system
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Letter: I’m Trying To Play a Role in Denitrifying the Bays

To the Editor,  Editorial: We All Have A Role to Play in Denitrifying the Bays, May 2, 2024 was persuasive. I tried to have a direct impact on the nitrogen leaching problem from Suffolk County's aging on-site cesspools. The IA/OWTS is not cheap at all. Although South Fork towns have an edge thanks to the use of Community Preservation Fund money, in my case the cost was significant. The County
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Editorial: We All Have a Role to Play in Denitrifying the Bays

As last year’s barrage of toxic tides made clear, the bays and estuaries that surround Eastern Long Island are facing multiple challenges, from all angles. Some of those challenges, like warming and acidifying waters, are global trends that are beyond our ability to address directly. But scientists have proven, again and again, that nitrogen leaching from Suffolk County’s aging on-site cesspools is the nutrient that is intensifying these algae blooms,
Ira Haspel discusses the health of the bays and environs with Meg Dowe at the 2023 Dandelion Festival at KK's Farm
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Viewpoint: Celebrating 100 Years of Biodynamic Agriculture

Pictured Above: Ira Haspel discusses the health of the bays and environs with Meg Dowe at the 2023 Dandelion Festival at KK's Farm by Ira Haspel & Sonomi Obinata Biodynamic Agriculture originated a century ago out of the spiritual scientific research of Austrian seer and philosopher Dr. Rudolph Steiner. It’s a method of farming which increases soil fertility using natural materials – compost, herbs and processed manure.  This year marks
Monday afternoon, Cutchogue
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April Editorials: A Call for Creativity

Creativity is a driving force for all progress. New ideas and new ways of seeing the world around us drive innovation and problem-solving. This is not a new concept. If you drive through the historic districts of any East End village, you will see changing styles of construction that reflect the needs and the whimsies of different eras, of different people with different priorities. You’ll also see the work of
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Editorial: Zoning & You

Pictured Above: Mattituck residents laid out their priorities at a Feb. 26 forum on zoning in Southold Town. South Fork advocates against overdevelopment are right to warn that we are quickly becoming “Levittown by the Sea,” with a few big differences — the homes being built here are on a scale that would never fit in Levittown, people of modest means can’t afford to live in them, and, in fact,
The future site of "The Enclaves" in Southold
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February Editorials: “Up West” is Now Out Here

Pictured Above: The future site of "The Enclaves" in Southold We’re shocked, but not surprised to see the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency dismiss the concerns raised by numerous Southold residents over the tax breaks awarded in January to the resort hotel known as The Enclaves, which will likely soon begin construction. The brusque manner in which the IDA disregarded the mountain of public opposition to the project is sadly