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Editorial: We All Have a Role to Play in Denitrifying the Bays

As last year’s barrage of toxic tides made clear, the bays and estuaries that surround Eastern Long Island are facing multiple challenges, from all angles. Some of those challenges, like warming and acidifying waters, are global trends that are beyond our ability to address directly. But scientists have proven, again and again, that nitrogen leaching from Suffolk County’s aging on-site cesspools is the nutrient that is intensifying these algae blooms,
Monday afternoon, Cutchogue
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April Editorials: A Call for Creativity

Creativity is a driving force for all progress. New ideas and new ways of seeing the world around us drive innovation and problem-solving. This is not a new concept. If you drive through the historic districts of any East End village, you will see changing styles of construction that reflect the needs and the whimsies of different eras, of different people with different priorities. You’ll also see the work of
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Editorial: Zoning & You

Pictured Above: Mattituck residents laid out their priorities at a Feb. 26 forum on zoning in Southold Town. South Fork advocates against overdevelopment are right to warn that we are quickly becoming “Levittown by the Sea,” with a few big differences — the homes being built here are on a scale that would never fit in Levittown, people of modest means can’t afford to live in them, and, in fact,
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Editorial: Moving Beyond Carbon: Let’s All Make A Plan

One decade ago, when Southampton Town was trying to adopt its 400+ Sustainability Plan, we remember hearing again and again from a chorus of naysayers who thought the plan was a United Nations plot to curtail individual rights. We’ve been heartened over the past month by the comments we’ve heard from people who’ve been critical of Southampton’s new Climate Action Plan — not because we don’t believe time is of the
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Editorial: Let’s Do Housing Right

Pictured Above: The Cottages in Mattituck, a 22-unit community of affordably owned homes often held up as a model of a successful North Fork housing development. We started 2023 filled with optimism about the East End’s ability to make progress on finding attainable housing for people who have long been vital members of our community. Each of the East End towns that had put up a referendum creating a Community
no warehouse
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Editorial: Listen to the ‘Leftovers’

As longtime inhabitants of the East End, we have seen a bunch of changes happen here. We have seen big stretches of woods in East Hampton change into monstrous mansions. We have seen Montauk go from being THE END to being “The Beginning.” We have seen Greenport change from a sleepy little village where everybody had electric heat because it was cheaper than oil to a downtown destination that mirrors
east hampton pollinator garden
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Editorial: Natural Places Enrich All Of Our Lives

This September was a banner season for migrating monarchs. When we spotted our first batch swooping through the hedges surrounding a lush estate down a back road in Cutchogue, just blocks from the Peconic Bay, it felt like an anomaly, perhaps a luxury. It must be nice to have the acreage to provide refuge for all the earth’s creatures. But then we were startled to see the butterflies, battered by
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Editorial: Transparency is a Must at EPCAL

The debacle that is Riverhead’s fire-sale contract to sell 1,643 acres of land at the Enterprise Park at Calverton was on full public view throughout the month of August, and make no mistake, the people of Riverhead are paying close attention to every nuance of this deal.  This project will likely have an impact on the entire East End community, and we all need to be paying attention.  The $40
sun cleaves
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Editorial: Don’t Be The Frog

The true scope of the changes we expect to see in the coming years as we adjust to a warming planet has become plainly apparent to so many people we’ve spoken with here this summer. We’ve been closely watching the rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, and the glacial pace of government, industry and the general public’s reaction to these changes, for decades now. When we encountered our neighbors
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Editorial: Fishing as a Human Right

Being able to go surfcasting is one of the highlights of life on the East End — it’s something that residents here have treasured and fought for since colonial times, and many of our oldest laws, particularly on the South Fork, pertain to public access to the beaches in order to fish for food. Since the first Covid spring, anglers have been flocking to beaches throughout the East End, following
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Editorial: Please Drive Slowly on Our Beautiful Roads

It’s easy to chuckle by the tenth or twelfth time you hear Southold Town Clerk Denis Noncarrow’s WLNG radio ad urging the public to “please drive slowly on our beautiful roads,” but his message is one that bears repeating this time of year. When you’re stuck in a traffic jam and left with little option but to drive slowly, it’s easy to forget this advice. Inevitably, a break in the