May 8, 2018 at Southold's Town Beach
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Editorial: To Southold: Take Comp Plan to Heart

It might not be your first pick for a breezy summer beach read, but paper copies of Southold Town’s newly released Comprehensive Plan are available at your local library, and if you love your leisure time here, you have an obligation to go check it out. As a steady line of cars heads eastward Friday afternoons on both the Main Road and the North Road and sometimes even another back
The New York State Capitol
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Albany’s Health Act Parade

The last few days of this year’s state legislative session brought with them a flurry of activity, with several long-awaited bills like the GreenLight New York bill to reinstate standard driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants and the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act finally getting through both houses of the legislature and signed by the governor. It was a welcome change of pace from business in usual in Albany, where
In the Peas, River & Roots Community Garden.
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Editorial: No Biomass Leaves This Land

With every month that passes, we’ve been inundated lately with bad news about the changing climate. As we wend through the tail end of tornado season, with fire, drought and hurricane seasons in our sights, the reality of these changes has never been more visible.  It’s easy to shut off our minds and ignore these catastrophic events, especially when they aren’t happening in our own communities. We can sigh and
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Editorial: We’re Eating People’s Lives

There’s an old saying about seafood of which East Enders are particularly fond: “It’s not fish you’re eating. It’s men’s lives.” This phrase has long proved a rallying cry to protect baymen and fishing grounds here, but it’s one we’ve never really thought to apply to agriculture.  This month, the New York State Legislature is mulling enacting sweeping changes to agricultural workers’ rights, an attempt at restorative justice for people
Yahoo!'s early search page.
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The Case for Free

Pictured above: Yahoo!'s early search page. We think often here at The Beacon about the early days of the internet, when many of our staffers learned about this new, amazing method of connecting computers and sharing information throughout the world. We remember huddling around desktop computers, listening to the whirring and chirping of dial-up modems as we waited for Yahoo’s search page to load for the first time.  After waiting