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Letter: Gas Wins as Wind Loses Before Public Service Commission

Pictured Above: Wind turbines for Ørsted and Eversource's South Fork Wind are being prepared in New London, Conn. this week to be installed 30 miles off of Montauk. The companies' larger Sunrise Wind projects, expected to be adjacent to South Fork Wind, were among four projects contracted by NYSERDA that had asked the Public Service Commission for inflation adjustments. | photo courtesy Ørsted To the Editor: We East Enders are
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Letter: Policy Changes in Greenport Should Be For Now and For Our Future

To the Editor, I attended a Greenport Village Board work session on Oct. 10, presumably the last of six extended public sessions, to hear feedback about changes to Chapter 150, "Zoning." Several business owners, and the Business Improvement District, have publicly zeroed in on proposed parking regulations and fees, as well as changes in post-disaster building reconstruction guidelines.  I have not spoken at the sessions because I'm of mixed minds,
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Editorial: Natural Places Enrich All Of Our Lives

This September was a banner season for migrating monarchs. When we spotted our first batch swooping through the hedges surrounding a lush estate down a back road in Cutchogue, just blocks from the Peconic Bay, it felt like an anomaly, perhaps a luxury. It must be nice to have the acreage to provide refuge for all the earth’s creatures. But then we were startled to see the butterflies, battered by
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Editorial: Transparency is a Must at EPCAL

The debacle that is Riverhead’s fire-sale contract to sell 1,643 acres of land at the Enterprise Park at Calverton was on full public view throughout the month of August, and make no mistake, the people of Riverhead are paying close attention to every nuance of this deal.  This project will likely have an impact on the entire East End community, and we all need to be paying attention.  The $40
The site where Riverhead plans to build a new town square, across Main Street from the Suffolk Theater
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Letter: Riverhead Anti-Bias Task Force Serves All

August 23, 2023   To Riverhead Town Councilman Kenneth Rothwell  Dear Mr. Rothwell, It would be a disappointment to have any elected official criticize or devalue the Riverhead Anti-Bias Task Force members and the work we do to promote and protect our community, but it is more disturbing that our own liaison would publicly state plans to 'overhaul' the ABTF without first privately having a discussion with us. It is a
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Editorial: Don’t Be The Frog

The true scope of the changes we expect to see in the coming years as we adjust to a warming planet has become plainly apparent to so many people we’ve spoken with here this summer. We’ve been closely watching the rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, and the glacial pace of government, industry and the general public’s reaction to these changes, for decades now. When we encountered our neighbors
Ia:owts septic system
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Letter: On Suffolk’s Water Quality Restoration Act

To the Editor, I was disappointed to learn that Suffolk County said no to State and Federal Money by voting against the Water Quality Restoration Act. The irritating part of that vote is that a Yes vote would simply allow voters to approve the act this November. The creation of a fund to restore clean water is imperative. I just installed a septic system by taking advantage of the State, County
Ia:owts septic system
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Letter: Why Did Suffolk County Just Say NO to State and Federal Money?

Pictured Above: A FujiClean IA/OWTS septic system installed in 2022 at a Flanders residence through the Suffolk County Septic Improvement Program. To the Editor: On June 21, Suffolk County Legislature made a horrible decision that negatively impacts us all. The majority voted against the Water Quality Restoration Act. Nearly 50 constituents, representing thousands of members, supporters, and residents of Suffolk County, spent hours in Riverhead during a public hearing urging
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Editorial: Fishing as a Human Right

Being able to go surfcasting is one of the highlights of life on the East End — it’s something that residents here have treasured and fought for since colonial times, and many of our oldest laws, particularly on the South Fork, pertain to public access to the beaches in order to fish for food. Since the first Covid spring, anglers have been flocking to beaches throughout the East End, following
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Editorial: Please Drive Slowly on Our Beautiful Roads

It’s easy to chuckle by the tenth or twelfth time you hear Southold Town Clerk Denis Noncarrow’s WLNG radio ad urging the public to “please drive slowly on our beautiful roads,” but his message is one that bears repeating this time of year. When you’re stuck in a traffic jam and left with little option but to drive slowly, it’s easy to forget this advice. Inevitably, a break in the
Strong’s Yacht Center, with the hill where the new boat storage buildings behind the existing buildings on the right, with the Old Mill Inn, which is slated to be restored, in the foreground.
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Letter: In Favor of Strong’s

Pictured Above: Strong’s Yacht Center, with the hill where the new boat storage buildings behind the existing buildings on the right, with the Old Mill Inn, which is slated to be restored, in the foreground. To the Editor: Anne Sherwood Pundyk and Jeff Pundyk have done quite a job misrepresenting the Strong’s Marine project on Mattituck Inlet. Their recent letter to the editor of the Beacon imagines several outcomes that