Meyer Lemons
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When February Gives You Meyer Lemons, Celebrate!

By Alison Boyd-Savage What do you get when you cross a citron with a mandarin orange? The answer is a Meyer lemon. Native to China, theses gorgeous fruits were transplanted over a century ago to Central and Northern California, where they have thrived. Most of the Meyer lemons consumed in the United States come from this region. Once difficult to source, they are now readily available in markets around the
Aloo Gobi, Chickpeas Braised with Coconut Milk and Cilantro
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Peconic Dish: Putting Spice in January

January comes around with everyone lamenting the excesses of the festive season and the pounds they have gained from weeks of feasting. Many of us will drop large sums of money on expensive gym memberships which will not be used once President’s Day rolls around. Others will turn to extreme diets and juice fasts and rail about the evils of white carbs. I have never understood why anyone would put
Alison Boyd's Mince Pies
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Peconic Dish: Jolly Old Mince Pies

By Alison Boyd Mincemeat pie is not well-loved in the United States. Never the most popular dish on the thanksgiving dessert table, its reputation is hardly justified. For starters, it is much better served as an individual pie and in the best versions, both the filling and crust are homemade. As the holiday season approaches in the U.K., the store shelves are stacked high with these festive treats. If you
Pasta Al Forno
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Peconic Dish: A Warming Winter Meal

A fabulous array of leafy local greens, purchased before the hard winter frosts arrive, is my inspiration for a hearty one-dish supper. The Italian staple, Pasta al Forno (baked in the oven), is a family favorite in this country, commonly served in the guise of lasagna and macaroni and cheese. I have gone beyond the pot-luck staples to layer farfalle, sautéed greens, chickpeas and tomato sauce, with a topping of
Cornish Pasties
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Peconic Dish: Cornish Pasties: A Food with Deep Working-Man Roots

By Alison Boyd As the local farming season winds down, the humble and healthy rutabaga comes into its own. Also known as swede or turnip, this versatile root originates from Scandinavia and is a cross between a true turnip and a brassica (cabbage family). Both root and leaves are edible, which has made it a valuable part of the northern winter diet for centuries.   Most of our supermarket rutabagas
Gnocchi Alla Romana
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Peconic Dish: It’s Finally Safe to Go Back in the Kitchen

Autumn has arrived, ushering in evenings that are cool enough to finally switch on the oven and light the stove after a summer of salads and outdoor grilling. I am a big fan of dishes that make the most of the late summer produce yet pack enough heartiness to preview fall. Cherry tomatoes are the gift that keeps giving until November and they are so versatile. My preference is to
Le Grande Aioli
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Peconic Dish: A Perfect Platter for Peak Summer

A bountiful platter of the freshest seasonal vegetables, some raw, some lightly cooked, all ready to dip into a creamy sauce made with freshly harvested local garlic and eggs from the farm — this meal is perfect for a hot, sunny day.  Magnificently named Le Grand Aioli, this dish has its origins in southern France, where it is served as part of a late summer feast celebrating the garlic harvest.
Grilled Shrimp
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Peconic Dish: Making Summer Memories

The delightful prospect of the July berry harvest got me dreaming about some of the most memorable summer fruit desserts I have eaten. Was it one of my mother’s fruit pies, consumed at the end of a roast chicken lunch on a cool English summer Sunday, or perhaps the bowl of perfectly ripe apricots and tangy sheep’s milk yoghurt, served in the shade of a dear friend’s fig tree in
Lamb Flatbreads
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Peconic Dish: Fabulous Flatbreads

By Alison Boyd-Savage Whipping up a batch of homemade flatbreads is a total win. Don’t let the thought of baking your own yeasted bread daunt you, you will be amazed at how quickly this recipe comes together from just a few pantry staples. A superior alternative to store-bought pita, you can use to assemble sandwiches, dip in hummus, create an impromptu pizza base, or spread with a variety of vegetable
Fish Pie by Alison Boyd-Savage
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Peconic Dish: A Fish Pie Is A Wonderful Thing

by Alison Boyd-Savage If you are hesitant to prepare fish because you fear it’s too complicated and requires a lot of last-minute fussing, then this one-dish supper is for you. You can vary the ingredients to please the pickiest of eaters, while introducing more healthy meals into your diet. The base should always be a firm white fish and cod is perfect. Include 3 or four other varieties, with salmon,