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Beyond the Green for March 17

If you celebrate St Patrick’s Day in the Emerald Isle you are unlikely to see revelers parading around the streets in green clothing or supping green beer. And you will certainly not be served corned beef and cabbage for your celebratory meal. A generous helping of fish and chips or a lamb stew may be more traditional fare. The Irish celebrate their Saint’s day in a much more low-key way,
Winter Blood Orange Salad with Candied Walnuts
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Peconic Dish: A Blood Orange Valentine

by Alison Boyd One of the most welcome sights in winter is the dazzling array of citrus fruits on display at the market. For just a few short months, vibrant oranges, tangerines, lemons and grapefruits are at their peak ripeness. While I love them all, I am at my happiest when I come upon a pile of blood oranges, with their crimson flesh and tart sweet flavor. This all-star fruit
Scratchy Pork & Beans
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Peconic Dish: Cures for the Winter Blues

Winter’s chill will send you again and again to your pantry over the next several months, but don’t let that make you glum. This is a great time of year to experiment with new ingredients and flavors — especially if you’ve been snowed in and a grocery run is out of the question.  This month, we turn to the North Fork’s scratchiest cook, Kim Dyla, for some advice on some
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Let’s Cook: A Two-Dish Holiday Brunch

By Alison Boyd-Savage Does the humble scone originate from Scotland, Ireland or Wales? Whatever the provenance, this ultimate quick bread, with its short baking time and simple ingredients, was a gift to the early cook with limited resources. These qualities are precisely what endears the scone to the time-pressed modern cook, and no more so than around the holidays. The American take on the scone is far fancier than the
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Let’s Cook: No Squash Left Behind

by Alison Boyd November brings cooler days and lighter crowds and the chance to still enjoy our local farm stands before the fields slip into winter hibernation. Colorful local squashes and pumpkins are piled high, having been mostly passed over in favor of giant Jack-O-Lanterns and ornamental gourds. With the advent of freezers and 24-hour supermarkets, we no longer need to store and preserve enough food to last through to
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Peconic Dish: A Double Dish of Spring

[caption id="attachment_50975" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Try a sformato today.[/caption] by Alison Boyd-Savage and William Sertl Which came first, the asparagus or the flounder? The question has been debated through the ages on the East End. North Forkers know it’s spring when Wickham’s rolls up its doors, letting a flood of light onto tables displaying not much more than fresh-cut spears, boxes of donuts, and a few stalks of rhubarb. On the