Catherine Maloney, Ashley Underwood and Matthew Conlon in rehearsal for Strictly Murder opening March 7 at Hampton Theatre Company. Photo Dane Dupuis
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It’s Strictly Murder in Quogue This Spring

Pictured Above: Catherine Maloney, Ashley Underwood and Matthew Conlon in rehearsal for Strictly Murder, opening March 7 at Hampton Theatre Company | Dane Dupuis photo for HTC “Strictly Murder,” a World War II-era thriller from prolific playwright/screenwriter/producer Brian Clemens, will premiere this spring, with performances running March 7 through March 24 at the Quogue Community Hall.  Originally produced in the UK at The Mill at Sonning in February 2006, “Strictly
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As Deal is Nearly Finalized, North Fork Arts Center Expects to Start Showing Movies Over Christmas Break

Pictured Above: At Volunteer Day at the Greenport Theater in April of 2023, as the fundraising effort began to get underway. NFAC Executive Director Tony Spiridakis outlined the new arts center's plans for the year ahead at an Oct. 5 update at the Very Special gallery. Back in 2019, not long after they moved to Greenport full-time, screenwriter Tony Spiridakis and his wife, Lisa Gillooly, hatched an idea to help
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Theater Review: Shaking Up the Toxic Office

Pictured Above: Allie O’Connor, Abby Tyler and Katie Garthe shake up Mr. Hart’s office as Judy, Violet and Doralee. | Anthony Graziano photo for NFCT If it’s been a long time since you’ve seen the hit 1980 film “9 to 5,” about a trio of female secretaries getting their revenge against their sexist boss, now’s a great time to revisit this story, and a great place to do so is
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Theater: Color and Light and Endless Possibilities

Pictured above: George (Joseph Bebry) conducts the scene that would become his most famous painting. |. Anthony Graziano photos for NFCT When the biggest names on Broadway’s stages walked out into the cold air of Times Square after Stephen Sondheim’s death in November of 2021, it was “Sunday,” the title song from “Sunday in the Park with George” that they chose to honor the musical theater composer. Their performance moved
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North Fork Arts Center Holds Volunteer Day As It Approaches Fundraising Goal

Front Street in Greenport Village was abuzz with activity on April 15 as volunteers for the new non-profit North Fork Arts Center, working to revitalize the Greenport Theater, held a an open house at the historic movie house. The group does not yet own the theater and its 501(c)3 tax status is still in process with the IRS, but they’re close to reaching their goal. Owner Josh Sapan, who put
Blocking for NFCT's "The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui."
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Truth & Propaganda on the East End’s Stages

Pictured Above: Blocking for NFCT's "The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui." |. photo courtesy Colin Palmer This spring’s offerings on the stages of the Hampton Theatre Company and the North Fork Community Theatre are a rare chance to see seldom-produced plays don’t shy away from an experience that is all too fresh on all of our minds — the ways in which truth can be mangled. “The Lifespan of a
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“It’s A Wonderful Life” Takes to East End Stages

No matter where you go on the East End this December, you’ll have an opportunity to catch a production of “It’s A Wonderful Life — A Live Radio Play.” Three local theaters are putting up this new holiday classic, first published in 2006 by Joe Landry, who imagines the classic holiday movie being read aloud for a live 1940s-era radio broadcast, complete with period costumes and Foley sound effects. Riverhead’s
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“Cry-Baby” a Delight for North Fork Audiences

Pictured Above: Cry-Baby (Ghana Haase) and Allison (Raven Janoski) sing a song for the gang. |. Ernesto Sosa photo for NFCT Rock and roll voices are something unique. They croon and growl, howl and whisper, and can serve as a time machine to the early post-war freedoms that we could now view as nostalgia and kitsch. “Delightful” is not a word you often hear in conjunction with the work of
Chemical Imbalance_Feature
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Rollicking Horror? Boots on the Ground Has It In Store

Pictured Above: In rehearsal for "Chemical Imbalance." There are plenty of excursions on the East End this October that are bound to scare you, but if the horror of the real world is too much, take heart, because the Boots on the Ground theater company is launching a new take on Robert Louis Stevenson's "Jekyll & Hyde" story that promises to scare you silly. "This farce is going to be
Cry-Baby NFCT
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East End Theater Gets Back on the Boards for the Fall

Live local theater is returning to the East End in force this month, with local productions opening in October at four prominent community theater groups. The shows kick off on Oct. 1, when the Riverhead Faculty &  Community Theatre brings “A Doll’s House Part 2” to the North Shore United Methodist Church in Wading River and the Jamesport Meeting House. This 2017 play by Lucus Hnath, imagines what would have
Michael Krulder as Roger Davis sings as Ghana Haase (Tom Collins) carries Quinn Bruer (Angel) over the threshold to the afterlife.
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“Rent” in the Post-Pandemic World

Pictured Above: Michael Krulder as Roger Davis sings as Ghana Haase (Tom Collins) carries Quinn Bruer (Angel) over the threshold to the afterlife. |. Ernesto Sosa photos for NFCT The world of theater was hit particularly hard by the past two years of isolation, both globally and here on the East End, with productions cancelled well into rehearsal or in the middle of a run, postponements as cases of the