Unwanted records (45s & LPs)? - I'll take 'em!

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happy to travel both forks of the East End, NY, US
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if you have a basement or attic where your Dad's (or Grandfather's) old vinyl records are stashed and you're looking to unload them, I'd be happy to have a look, maybe take them off your hands. I'm a collector and a broadcaster at WPKN, 89.5fm, I don't re-sell. I'm mostly interested in original rock & roll, r&b, soul & rockabilly from the 50s, 60s, but anything's fair game as long as it's in good condition. A few light scuffs are fine, but anything scratched or badly handled, I can't use. The LP jackets must also be in decent shape. My tastes lean towards obscure, lesser-known acts so if an artist was popular and often on the radio, I can't use them
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