Paul and Linda Nuszen | Gianna Volpe photo

We found Paul and Linda Nuszen, owners of Southampton’s Windows & Walls Unlimited, having breakfast at Star Confectionary (aka Papa Nick’s) in Riverhead on March 2.

Paul Nuszen: We’re here enjoying the Riverhead atmosphere because Linda was doing an interview at WRIV, talking about the organization that she founded called The Beading Hearts and the Look Up for Adam program trying to draw peoples’ attention to the drug epidemic taking place today. 

Linda Nuszen: Adam is our son, who passed away 15 months ago from addiction and that happened while he was fighting the fight in rehab, so in his memory—In his honor; In his spirit—we have founded the “Look Up for Adam” non-profit organization. What we’re trying to do is not only help our loved ones who are in addiction, but help the families because as our loved one gets sicker, so does the family and the truth is that as much as the person in the throes of addiction hates themselves, they hate what they’re doing to their family even more.

Our roving reporter Gianna Volpe is traipsing all over the North and South forks looking for stories to share on East End Faces. 

Gianna Volpe
Gianna Volpe is a multimedia reporter hailing from a little town along the Palisades of New Jersey. She loves goblin sharks, bioluminescence and throwing beached conchs back into the bay. She once high-fived a shark off of Montauk, and she eats her bay scallops raw.

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