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Spring Guided Nature Walk at Downs Farm Preserve

April 18, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Spring wood nymph. Downs Farm Preserve, Cutchogue
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April walks can take place during a light rain, which only deepens the experience and connection. We never walk in thunder or lightning storms, or any other weather that might be dangerous or stressful.

Some of the invitations we may practice on an April walk include:

Nature Frames: What’s blooming? Where are the raindrops about to fall? As you find something, frame it with your hands or something found in the forest.

Imaginary Bouquet: When we think of a bouquet, what may come to mind is a bunch of flowers arranged in a vase, or something we may even hold. This invitation is called Imaginary Bouquet, and your Imaginary Bouquet can include ANYTHING. Wander and collect anything you’d like to include in your imaginary bouquet; tangible, intangible. Spend time enjoying your bouquet before returning it to the forest. You might try some drawing in your journal, if that feels right to you, especially drawing the intangible things.

Leaf scars: Have you ever looked closely — really closely — at a branch or stem of a tree? Have you noticed any marks along the stem — other than cracks in its bark? One of the important identifying characteristics for a tree is the leaf scar. This “leaf scar” is where a deciduous leaf broke away from the stem or branch of the tree in a previous season. What is left behind is a particular shape outlining the point of attachment and a particular set of marks showing where the leaf received and gave nourishment to the tree. How do these scars inform you, or something in your life right now?

Tell a Tree’s Story: This is a wonderful journaling and sketching opportunity and could be a walk just on its own. Find a tree and spend time noticing its details. When you’re ready, tell the tree’s story in written words and drawings.

Connect with a Tree: Spending time with one tree, listening, sharing, may seem a bit ‘out there’ to some. It’s simply opening up to the possibility that there is something to learn from beings other than humans. It could be an opportunity to share something you haven’t shared with another person, or ask a question prepared to listen for an answer, breathing with a tree, or just sitting silently. There is no wrong or right way to connect with a tree.

If you are interested in this program, there is an $8 materials fee that must be paid to Linda Lombardo, our forest guide, via Venmo at LinLo52.

A waiver will be emailed to you upon registering. All COVID safety measures are required including wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.


For more information, please contact Taralynn Reynolds at treynolds@eastendenvironment.org.


April 18, 2021
11:00 am - 12:30 pm
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