Former President Barack Obama had signed the executive order creating DACA.
Former President Barack Obama had signed the executive order creating DACA.

Dear Editor:

Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Orrin Hatch have stated publicly that they think that the President should delay repealing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). 

This is not enough. DACA should not be repealed at all. Human decency demands as much. With the passage of DACA, some 800,000 eligible immigrants trusted our government and signed onto the plan. For a new, ideologically different administration to betray these immigrants is nothing short of unconscionable.

DACA provides temporary relief from deportation and a potential path to legal status for children of undocumented immigrants who have grown up in this country and called it home. DACA recipients, known as Dreamers, can pursue education and career opportunities that improve their own lives, as well as those of their families and their communities at large.

Some 10,000 Dreamers reside within our Congressional District. When is our Congressman, Lee Zeldin, going to step up and help protect them?  He should well know that our nation was built on the backs of immigrants, indentured servants, and slaves. Throughout our history, those who came willingly have come here seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Over the past few years, many immigrants have elected to serve our government, and in some cases, have sacrificed their lives for it.

Over its 5-year history, DACA has helped these immigrants pursue higher education, earn better wages, buy homes, and contribute and give back to the communities where they live. These future innovators, leaders, designers, and thinkers have already have a great positive impact and given back to America– and they will continue to do so while DACA remains in place.

So, it’s time to stand up for what is right and decent and oppose the repeal of DACA. Particularly in light of Tropical Storm Harvey and the devastation it has caused, it is time to focus on rebuilding communities, not tearing them apart.

Bruce Colbath
East Hampton, NY

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Beth Young
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