Fire Trucks! Fire Trucks! Fire Trucks!

Flanders loves a parade
Flanders loves a parade

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical when I heard the Flanders Fire Department was going to shut down Flanders Road for a couple hours today to hold its 65th Anniversary Parade. After all, it’s the weekend, and Flanders Road is just about the only thoroughfare from Riverhead to Hampton Bays that you can take without going far out of your way. To top that off, everyone who lives between Flanders Road and the water would be stuck at home for the afternoon, if they decided to stay home.

But the neighborhood down in Bay View Pines and Waters Edge, where visiting fire departments and the department being honored spent the day staging their trucks, decided to take being trapped in their neighborhood for a couple hours in stride: everyone went out and joined the party.

So, if you were trying to get through Flanders this afternoon and couldn’t make it to the party or didn’t realize the party was happening, here’s a taste of what it was like. We’re sorry you couldn’t be here! We had a blast.

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Beth Young

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