Montauk Observatory Brings Space Station Commander to East Hampton

Randolph “Komrade” Bresnik
Randolph “Komrade” Bresnik

Montauk Observatory is honored to have the opportunity to host a true American hero: Randolph “Komrade” Bresnik who, in December 2017, returned from 139 days in space as Commander of the International Space Station (ISS), for two lectures at Guild Hall in East Hampton this month.

Col. Bresnik has been with NASA since 2004 and is still on active duty. His background includes a highly distinguished and decorated career in the U.S. Marine Corps.

The first lecture, “Space Exploration,” to be held on Wednesday, June 27 at 8 p.m., will be presented by both Col. Bresnik and his wife, Rebecca M. Bresnik Esq., Associate Chief Counsel for International Matters at NASA’s Johnson Space Center and the lead attorney for the International Space Station.

In this program, the audience will have a rare opportunity to learn about space from the insiders: what it’s like to live and work in space, to be an astronaut and be responsible for the ISS,  its overall mission success, the safety of its crew and station; as well as what is involved in handling the complex challenges of one of the most ambitious international collaborations (22 participating member countries) ever attempted. The Bresniks are the two people best able to provide such insights. This event is intended for ages high school and up.

On Friday, June 29 at 2 p.m., Col. Bresnik will give an all-ages talk, “My Life as an Astronaut.”

Would you like to meet an astronaut, or to be an astronaut, or work for NASA? Or are you just fascinated by all things related to astronomy and space? In this family-friendly event, Col. Bresnik will share his experiences in space, answer questions, and provide an opportunity to take a photo or get an autograph. Intended for younger audiences, it’s great chance for kids to meet and be inspired by a real, live astronaut.

Both events are free to the public, but registration is required, by calling the Guild Hall Box Office at 631.324.4050 or visiting here to book a ticket for “Space Exploration,” or here to book a ticket for “My Life As An Astronaut.” 

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