On Thursday, Feb. 2 at 7 p.m., Hamptons Observatory will host a free, virtual lecture presented by renowned multi-disciplinary scientist, researcher, and explorer Prof. Paul A. Mayewski, who will speak about his remarkable adventures across the globe to discover how and why climate changes. For more info and free tickets visit journeyintoclimate.eventbrite.com.

Hamptons Observatory, and co-host Suffolk County Community College, are honored to present a free, virtual lecture by multi-disciplinary scientist, explorer, and the Dr. Mayewski, the University of Maine’s Institute for Climate Change Director,  will cover more than five decades of expeditions filled with adventure, exploration, discovery, and contributions to the understanding of climate change throughout Antarctica, the Himalayas, Greenland, the Andes, and the Southern Ocean in search of answers to how and why climate changes. 

Their journey not only documents the role played by past changes but sheds light on the transition from a “gradualist” to a fast-changing physical and chemical climate system in which human activity goes from  having a relatively minor to a remarkably consequential impact. The lessons learned are now clear: we have entered the age of climate decision where our actions will define the course of civilization and the health of our planet.

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