The film poster for Joe Pantoliano's "No Kidding, Me 2!"
The film poster for Joe Pantoliano’s “No Kidding, Me 2!”

National Mental Health Awareness Week is this coming Sunday, Oct. 1 through Saturday, Oct. 8, and East Hampton and Southampton towns are joining in the awareness activities happening all across Long Island.

The two towns are collaborating to offer a free film screening of actor Joe Pantoliano’s film “No Kidding, Me 2!” at The Hampton Library in Bridgehampton on Monday, Oct. 3 at 7:30 p.m., with discussion and refreshments to follow.

Joe Pantoliano, of The SopranosMemento and The Matrix, made this documentary directorial debut as part of his fight against the stigma and shame of mental/brain “dis-ease.”

Nearly 100 million Americans suffer in isolation. In this film, Mr. Pantoliano’s candid and humorous discussions with his family shed light on their struggles with his clinical depression.

The film also includes stories of a brain surgeon with bipolar disorder, a psychologist with ADHD, and three high school students managing bipolar disorder and clinical depression.

Each discusses the struggles they faced before they were diagnosed, including attempts at self-medication and other destructive behaviors. Through managing their own recovery, they realize they are not alone.

Southampton Town seniors will also be treated to a dose of laughs with Susan Dingle, a local playwright, poet and therapist, who will share her stories of facing senior citizenship and its mental health challenges on Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 11 a.m. at the Hampton Bays Community Center at 25 Ponqugue Avenue.

To see what’s going on across Long Island, check this website:

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One thought on “South Fork Spotlights Mental Health Awareness

  1. —as part of his fight against the stigma and shame of mental/brain “dis-ease.”

    Who taught him to say there was stigma and shame ?

    Does he really believe saying that helps anyone? Do you?

    No? Then stop.

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