The Homestead: I Have A Dream Today

by Michael Daly

In my dream, we all approach life from a mindset of abundance, knowing that there is enough food, water, money and love to go around for each of us. We focus on creating abundance, using the resources available to each and every one of us, so that we all have good food, good paying jobs and safe places to live.

In my dream, men don’t see themselves as being more important, but see themselves as playing an important role in humanity, serving women, children, animals, agriculture and other men with the respect and dignity that they deserve.

In my dream, white people don’t see themselves as being superior to people of color. Everyone has the same rights and freedoms to work and enjoy life to its fullest. 

In my dream, men of color are not pre-judged as criminal and groomed for the criminal justice system by replacing guidance counselors with security guards in schools. They are not pulled over for driving in “white” neighborhoods. Young men of color are not shot while running away in fear of their lives from white men with guns, and families are not broken apart and communities handicapped from high percentages of their fathers and husbands being incarcerated.

In my dream, public school districts are not drawn to segregate students based upon race or wealth and every young student has the opportunity to benefit from growing up in a diverse environment that teaches them not only factually correct history, math, science and life skills, but the richness of other cultures that will prepare them for life upon their commencement.

In my dream, rules of law are written and enforced fairly and justice is applied equally regardless of color, creed, gender identity, age and financial status, and incarceration is a time of  rehabilitation and renewal for reintroduction to society.

In my dream, politicians do not play the “race card” in their campaigns or political decisions, exploiting the worst fears that their constituents have, giving credence to ignorance and racial bias. Instead they stand for policies and initiatives that are fair and just for all members of their communities and challenge them to become better citizens.

In my dream, elders are respected for their sage experience and the wisdom they have gained over their years and youth look to them for guidance and the valuable lessons that history can teach.

In my dream, every woman’s and every man’s Third Eye – the eye of truth, love and compassion opens, seeing and accepting responsibility for the wrongs of our forefathers, our foremothers and ourselves. In that dream we transcend the embarrassment, the shame and the rationalization for these atrocities, and each of us takes personal action towards redemption, reconciliation and restitution for those who have been wronged, all the while, having enthusiasm for what we all stand to gain by living in an abundant world with freedom and justice for all.

Will you live my dream with me?

Michael Daly

Michael Daly is the founder of East End YIMBY, advocating for attainable , workforce and senior housing and regular contributor to The East End Beacon on community issues that he cares deeply about. He can be reached by email at

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