Baby, was that a blizzard?

Snack place in snow
Snack place in snow

There’s no doubt it’s cold outside, but whether it looks like you got a dusting or your lawn was covered with a hefty snow drift after so-called winter storm “Hercules” passed through depends greatly on whether the tropical storm force winds last night piled the snow up on your property or your neighbor’s.

The National Weather Service is reporting that 9.8 inches of snow landed on Riverhead, 9 inches landed on Bridgehampton, 8.5 inches fell on Orient and 8.5 inches fell on Baiting Hollow. Storm clouds broke and the sun came blazing through at about noon today.

Water is up to the tops of docks on the North Fork as of 1 p.m.; a coastal flood watch is in effect until 2 p.m.

According to  one television meteorologist, who will remain nameless for her protection, men over the age of 40 are at most risk of hurting themselves outside in the aftermath of a snowstorm. Here at The Beacon we hypothesize this is because their wives make them do all the shoveling. So, go ahead, give the man a hand!

It’s going to be even colder tonight. The National Weather Service is predicting a low around 0 degrees Fahrenheit tonight with gusts up to 20 miles per hour that could push the wind chill down to -10 degrees. Stay bundled up out there!

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