To the Editor, 

Editorial: We All Have A Role to Play in Denitrifying the Bays, May 2, 2024 was persuasive. I tried to have a direct impact on the nitrogen leaching problem from Suffolk County’s aging on-site cesspools.

The IA/OWTS is not cheap at all. Although South Fork towns have an edge thanks to the use of Community Preservation Fund money, in my case the cost was significant. The County required me to change my home insurance as a condition of receiving the grant. I relied on the representations touting that the benefits of participating would involve little to no cost and that I would be reimbursed by the Town of East Hampton for the costs.

The outlays for the cost of engineering drawings and permitting involve thousands of dollars. I incurred $20,520 in costs for the home insurance change. Unfortunately I am left fighting for reimbursement and I appear to be one of the few people in the septic improvement program that had this problem.

I share my story with the community to make sure that others go into this process with their eyes open. 

Steven A. Ludsin
East Hampton

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