Southold Town Supervisor Scott Russell gave his sixth annual State of the Town address Thursday night.
Southold Town Supervisor Scott Russell at his sixth annual State of the Town address earlier this year.

Southold Town Supervisor Scott Russell, who has served as Southold’s leader since 2006, announced Tuesday that he will seek re-election this year, after his most stormy term in office to date, due to major media interest in his marital difficulties over the past several years.

Mr. Russell, long a popular Republican supervisor, took home 76 percent of the vote when he last ran against attorney Bob Meguin in 2011.

This year, Southold Town employee and former journalist Damon Rallis is seeking the Democratic nomination to unseat Mr. Russell.

Mr. Rallis is a plans examiner in the building department who had formerly served as a code enforcement officer, and had served as the managing editor of the Traveler-Watchman newspaper.

“I wish Mr. Russell the best of luck and I look forward to a healthy and productive campaign season,” Mr. Rallis said on Tuesday.

The full text of Mr. Russell’s statement on his decision to run is below:

The decision to seek re-election has not been an easy one. I have thought long and hard to assess if I could continue to serve as Supervisor with the vigor and sense of purpose that I brought to the position every day since January 01, 2006.


I am confident that I can and will bring purpose, vision and vitality and therefore I am seeking the nomination to continue to serve as Southold Town Supervisor. I will ask the people of Southold to continue to put their faith in me and to continue to offer me guidance as I strive to do the best that I can on behalf of this town. I have worked hard to earn the faith and trust that the voters have given me in the past and I would like the opportunity to continue.


The position of Southold Town Supervisor is, I believe, one of the highest honors the people of Southold can bestow upon an individual.  In three previous elections they have entrusted me to steer Southold’s future, from land use to public safety, from preservation to fiscal management, I have tried to live up to that trust.


To be sure, there have been successes and there have been setbacks. We continue to try to build on those successes and continue to try to learn from those setbacks. I am fortunate to work with employees who put their best foot forward each and every day and work tirelessly to serve the people of this town.


I look forward to a campaign with substantive discussion that focuses on the issues and the challenges that we face as a community.  Keeping Southold unique and vital is worthy of the commitment and challenge.


Scott A. Russell

Beth Young
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