State Grants Sag Harbor Authority Over Outer Mooring Field

Sag Harbor's outer mooring field, as viewed Monday from Havens Beach.
Sag Harbor’s outer mooring field, as viewed Monday from Havens Beach.

Boaters who visit with Sag Harbor have long maintained a haphazard mooring field outside of the village’s breakwater, where vessels that have a deep draft or no access to the moorings on the village’s existing mooring field or dockage in the village have been able for decades to moor outside of the oversight of the village.

That changed this week, when Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation sponsored by State Senator Ken LaValle and State Assemblyman Fred Thiele granting Sag Harbor Village jurisdiction to establish a vessel regulation zone in waters more than 1,500 feet from shore.

Mr. Thiele’s office announced Monday that the governor had signed the legislation.

“An exponential increase in the number and variety of transient vessels occupying the waters surrounding the village has led to a greater demand for anchoring and mooring locations,” said Mr. Thiele. “Vessels are haphazardly mooring themselves outside of the current 1,500 foot boundary, posing a safety hazard to fellow boaters, swimmers, and other watercraft users. This new law will allow the Village of Sag Harbor to create a well-organized and regulated mooring field to ensure the future safety and enjoyment of Sag Harbor’s waters.”

Beth Young

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