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The Homestead: I Had A Dream…

Michael Daly ...And it’s time to build it back. After reading “Daring Democracy: Igniting Power, Meaning and Connection for the America We Want” by Frances Moore Lappe and Adam Eichen, I recognize this mess we’re currently in with wealth concentrated at the tippy-tippy-top of the food chain is a 50-year endeavor by the Exploitive Class. And it’s just gone too far. The pendulum has become a guillotine and swung recklessly.
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The Homestead: If It’s To Be, It’s Up to We

Michael Daly The old school thinking of waiting for village and town boards to decide what type of community housing should be put in our communities (and where it should be put) has failed. Period, end of story.  If we want to have enough homes and apartments for our children who want to stay close to us but don’t want to live under our roof (or visa-versa), our parents who
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The Homestead: Preservation Meets Housing

It has cynically been said that “Today’s ‘environmentalist’ is someone who bought a home yesterday. I’m in, now close the gate!”  Many of us know the desire of wanting privacy and beautiful surroundings, and we all know the feeling, especially on our scenic East End, of a house or a building going up on a vacant property that we used to admire. Or tall hedges or “green giants” being planted
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The Homestead: My Happy/Sacred/ Safe Place

I wanted to tell you about a place where I go to meet like minded people: The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the South Fork in Bridgehampton, New York. After attending a number of other houses of worship over the years, I feel as though I have found my spiritual home.  The UUCSF is not a church, but a meetinghouse. Members, friends and visitors gather together each week to talk about
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The Homestead: What Defines Us?

What defines us? Is it our successes or our failures that define us? Or maybe a combination of both that determines how we feel about ourselves.  We’ve all seen the headlines “Red Wine Promotes a Longer Life”, espousing the virtues of having a glass of red wine every day. Then, next week we see the headline “Alcohol Shortens Life”, referring to the “study” that people who drank even small amounts
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The Homestead: The Tangled Web

Michael Daly The tangled web we’ve woven has put us in a pickle around the sustainability of some of our communities on the East End, which I call The Peconic Region.  We have spent decades zoning out others, especially others who are not wealthy, or at least as wealthy as we perceive ourselves as being. We’ve been upzoning under the guise of protecting everything from salamanders to water quality, as
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The Homestead: Stand Up & Be Heard

Michael Daly The challenges around affordable, workforce and senior housing housing are both moral and marketing. They’re moral, because we know that we are responsible for providing affordable places to live for our workers, our children and our elders and we’re just flat out not doing that. It’s a marketing challenge because the term Affordable Housing is a lightning rod. For many people, it brings out bias against the “have-nots”:
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The Homestead: True Independence

Michael Daly I was a registered Republican in my younger days, when it seemed to me that the party was kinder and gentler. I left the party, disgusted with Bush ll’s war games, and wanted to register as Independent, so on the voter registration card, checked Independence Party.  The Independence Party in New York is not THE Independent Party, which I have come to learn. Many others have also been