To the Editor: 

We are, as Don Mattheisen suggests (“Wind Farm Cable Landing Debated,” June 12), standing in our evening wear on the deck of a sinking ship if we can’t get the South Fork Wind Farm built as expeditiously as possible. 

The climate crisis is now. If we can get the cable landing done over a winter season, let’s do it, and start the renewable energy flowing. In the limited amount of time we have left to slow the warming of our planet, waiting two years to get to Hither Hills is too long. 

When those children playing on the beach grow up, there should still be a home for them here on Long Island.

Abby Pariser

To the Editor:

New York is a standout state, and Long Island is at the helm (“New York Passes Climate Protection Act,” June 19).  Our state senator Todd Kaminsky sponsored this critical climate bill, which mandates an 85 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions sector-wide, with the remaining 15percent matched by carbon offsets.

With current solar, wind and battery technology, this is a doable goal. Only fossil fuel interests say otherwise. The announcement comes on the same day that the E.P.A. announced the final trashing of Obama-era coal plant regulation. It’s a day of celebration in New York, made possible by a democratic governor and democratic legislature. Think what the nation could do under those auspices by following New York’s example.

Dale Speer
New York, New York

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